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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day of Nothing...

When is the last time you slept until noon? Can't think of it? Yes, well I could not either until today. I legit woke up at noon and it was glorious, except for the fact that I was not magically cured from whatever yuckyness that I contracted yesterday. Ah, well we can't win them all.
Also not a win this morning/ (afternoon, I mean...)An empty jar of oats. At least I managed to scraped out a 1/2 cup serving before I had to toss the jar. Anywho...Breakfast was divine. My oats contained 1/2 cup Almond milk to 1/2 cup water, 1/2 tbsp sunflower seed buttah, 1/2 banana, and copious amounts of cinnamon. Served with an orange (vitamin C) and coffee. If I had been able to actually taste the flavor in the bowl, I imagine it would have been worthy of a NOM! The next three hours of the day were spent in equal parts blowing my money on iTunes and working on a paper, which by the way, I actually finished! Hallelujah! 1 down...6 billion to go! Clearly all of the sitting made me hungry, so when lunch rolled around (at 3PM mind you) I wanted something clean. Veggie Powerhouse Sammie: In that little guy was 1/4 avocado (all smushed across a slice of whole wheat bread), 1 tbsp hummus (smushed on the other side), a handful of free spinach, and 1 Dr. Praegger's vegetable burger patty. (These are my current favorite's btw. Try them. They are delish.) Served with some carrots and a tbsp of hummus, of course.
I snacked on some grapes mid-afternoon, okay 5 ish because my times are all messed up today.I did manage to get up and stretch/do some yoga poses for about 30 minutes today. That was the extent of my movement, unless you count to and from the bathroom and kitchen.
Dinner was my leftover stir-fry. I am seriously boring today. Dry, if you will, since that is how my stir fry tasted. :/
After some fresh air on the roof, I made some toast. I was a little nosh, lol. I just added some all natural butter spread and cinnamon. It also had no flavor.

Sorry for my boring posts today and yesterday, I need to get my mojo back and then things will resume to my cheery self. 7 days and counting until I am off to Little Rock! Can't Wait...well yes actually I can, at least until those awful tornadoes pass through the state. Please keep my friends and family in your prayers tonight. It is really bad down there.


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