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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Want to see what procrastination looks like?

It looks like me posting twice in one day. In a desperate attempt to do anything other then write this paper I have just finished a cooking binge. The good kind though. This all started innocently enough. I was just staring at my computer in an absolute daze when hunger struck. So I went to the kitchen to make dinner. I have a package of whole wheat pasta that needs using up, so I threw roughly 3/4 of the package into a pot of boiling water. I figured I could use it for lunches this week. Then I spotted the marinara sauce that is on its last leg and the huge bucket o' spinach I bought. Perfect for a quick meal. I sauteed the spinach in 1tbsp of olive oil, but ended up draining most of it out because I forgot how much natural moisture spinach has! Just look at how much spinach I shoved in that pot! And it wilted down to this measly portion. I digress...I heated up a Dr. Praeger's veggie patty and crumbled it on top. And presto. Dinner in no time! There is a whole lotta veggie in that little bowl!Oh yea, and I have adopted this beautiful pair of red chopsticks and currently try to eat as many meals with them as possible. See, I eat really fast, so I figure until I learn how to use them like a normal functioning person, they will slow me down and force me to enjoy each bite. :) Game on chopsticks, game on. I finished up dinner, but I was no where near done destroying the kitchen. I threw a bag of frozen veggies on a cooking pan and roasted them at 400 degrees while I ate. Along with the leftover pasta and 1.5 tbsp of TJ's infamous Soyaki sauce I created two lunches in no time flat!The sauce is technically for stir fries, but I am not normal, so I intend to eat it on pasta. :) I really hope it doesn't suck.
Since I actually created normal sized portions of the pasta dish, I decided that I would need salad at work. So I cleaned MORE spinach and added some red and green peppers I chopped earlier today, carrots, and slivered almonds. Times two. Because that takes longer and my paper can wait. I also portioned out salad dressing+hummus. Forgot the pic, its not pretty though because I put them in the same container.
Finally, just for sh!ts and giggles really, I suddenly became inspired to roast chickpeas for snacks. Smothered in garlic (which my fellow interns are sure to love me for), salt, and pepper and thrown in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. Snacks on the cheap. $0.99 to be exact. College kid budgeting. It can be done apparently.

So that is it. Meals for the first part of my LAST WEEK at my internship! SO much food prep. OY. Alright, back to this efffffing paper I suppose.


  1. love the roasted chick peas!! great minds think alike!! Just did a post on them last week..
    glad to have found your blog

  2. I need to should start eating with Chop sticks too, I eat SUPER fast too! and plus I love eating with them, I always feels so fancy when I do lol


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