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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Testing out the Beast!

Hi Everyone!
So apparently the Internet gods are on my side tonight, because I was able to upload my pictures in no time flat and I didn't even have to suffer through class to do it!
After class last night I came home and munched on some of my granola that I bought in England (pre-volvanic ash) and read about/played with my Garmin for about an hour!This thing can do so much! I was overwhelmed and decided to just start with the basics the next day and go from there.
We did not have to meet for class until 12:30 today (holla!). So instead of being a normal college kid that goes out drinking when small gifts are provided, I went to bed at 10:30! It was all in preparation for my run this morning! I woke up promptly at 9 AM (rough life, I know) and made some pre-run breakfast. Toast. Water. COFFEE. I used TJ's sprouted, multigrain bread that was dense and delish with TJ's Sunflower Seed Butter, and a small nanner. Oh and cinnamon, a lot of cinnamon. I am a fan.
And then I was off! So here is my first review: well I run significantly faster outside than I thought. My years of tredmill running really skewed my perception. I adore the heart rate monitor, it is a really great way to learn how to pace myself. The miles literally flew by as I was running. I found myself hitting mental blocks and then looking at Beast and thinking "okay just go another .10 miles" or something like that.What I am really saying is, despite having oodles of things to learn, this bad boy is exactly what I need in my life. It is the perfect extra kick in the ass when I have hit my mental stopping point. Since I ran a significant amount today, I am going to do upper body weights tomorrow with my heart rate monitor so I can be effecient!
By the time I had streched and showered, I was literally shaking because I was so hungry. I whipped up a snack plate.Which was gone in .05 seconds. After throwing some last minute project information together (I had to give a presentation in class today) I inhaled my lunch when I realized I was running pretty late.A simple green salad with feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, and hummus of course. I complemented my greens with leftover quinoa to which I added a splash of TJ's soyaki sauce. Good call, it was NOM. Then we were off to the Woodrow Wilson Center where we met with, in my opinion, one of the best speakers of the semester. She was just so engaging and had a slight interest in food politics, so I was able to pick her brain for a good portion of the Q&A session. I munched on an unpictured Kidz Clif Bar (honey graham flavor) while on the metro. Then we arrived at the Chinese Embassy. It is exactly as I imagined: BIG, intimidating, and exquisite. I snapped a couple of quick pictures with my Iphone because I was pretty sure we were being watched! ;) (People actually roll out red carpets for me wherever I go, its cool) Post uninspired lecture, I met up with my fellow interns for happy hour! It was so much fun to chat with them outside of the office. I had 2 beers while there :(, but we definitely got to blow off some steam so that was good! By the time I got home it was after 7 and I was famished. I whipped up the quickest thing I could think of.
Spinach salad with falafal balls and pita bread. And of course HUMMUS. The staple food of any meal right? lol I can't believe there was ever a time I didn't like hummus. I was outta my mind! I also munched on an unpictured apple for dessert.
Yea, so now I just returned from a very frustrating group project meet up. I am currently reworking what we wrote, so we shall just see how it goes.
Oy, writing about my day just made me sleepy.
Gotta catch some zzz's.
I'll just leave you with a thought:
Don't take mother earth for granted, because if you do she may just come bite you in the butt by spitting volcanic ash across your town! Happy Earth Day!

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