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Monday, April 19, 2010

Excuses Excuses

I have been a horrible blogger as of late. Sporadic. Unreliable. Moody. Pictureless. The list goes on and on.
Now I could blame my HORRIBLE internet service in my apartment because after all, who really wants to wait an hour for five pictures to upload? But in reality, it has been a crazy two weeks between my jaunt to London and my best friend from Arkansas coming to visit. I will be posting about my weekend tomorrow night from class, since that is the only time I have fast internet on my laptop ( I am sneaking this post in at work...shhh) After that, I am going back to pictures of my eats and foodie finds, after all this is a food blog, and that is what I enjoy writing about.
The weekend was epic fo sho, as you shall see tomorrow, but I am now in official detox mode for the rest of the semester. I have had my share of fun, but I need to get my body back into fighting form. So that is what I intend to do. I have just shy of 3 weeks left in DC before I head to Little Rock for a 10 day stint, and then I am off to STRASOURG! Unbelievable how quickly the time has passed, but I am really ready to leave this semester behind and head out on my European adventure. I am started to lay out a master list of the places I want to travel during the weekends and so far I am set on Venice, Paris, and Amsterdam. Please leave any cities you believe are a MUST SEE and why!
I want to be comfortable with my body and in the right headspace when I head to Strasbourg, so I know that means I need to cut out the drinking and watch my portions NOW to be ready in time.
Okay, back to saving the world ;)
~Au Demain

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  1. I am so jealous of all your traveling! but now I can't get the National Lampoon European Vacation song out of my head!


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