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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When Google became a verb: What I learned at my first internship.

As my time comes to a close at my very first internship, I spent much of today reflecting on what I have learned working in an office. I learned to love my early morning green monsters and how they fuel me through at least 3 hours of work. I now crave green most mornings and feel icky or off if I don't have it. This morning monster was a classic. It included: A huge handful of spinach, 1 cup almond milk, a very ripe banana, and 4 pieces of ice. I woke up famished so I also made a slice of toast and smeared it with almond butter and Crofter's crack! It may have been dangerous for me to win this in a giveaway, because I am addicted! I learned to drink copious amounts of ice coffee, as they allowed for small breaks in my day to go outside and stretch my legs.(That coffee was owned before 10AM btw). I learned to always pack low calorie, fresh snacks because sitting in front of a computer today is boring, which obviously leads to a very snacky Jenn. I have a new appreciation for private offices with windows, as my desk was in a common room with only fluorescent lighting for Vitamin D. Privacy is apparently earned in the office world, which is okay, because I also learned how to befriend people who are nothing like me. :)I learned to look up when walking to and from the metro, as you never know when the sights will change. I walk slow to and from work on purpose. I enjoy being outside and relish the fresh air.I learned to always pack lunch because D.C. restaurants are expensive, especially when you love greens as much as I do. Tupperware is a wise investment, and will pay off before you know it if you are committed to cooking for yourself. I learned that multitasking is an art. When working for others unpaid, your responsibilities must be divided accordingly as to make for maximum efficiency throughout the workday. This leaves for more free time when you come home to unwind and get the things accomplished that you really care about, i.e. dinner, working out, blogging, and reading.I learned that gchat is a lifesaver, and the value of friends that will stay online throughout the day to help lift my spirits. Today's riveting discussion between my dear friend Bridget and I revolved around when Google will be considered a verb as opposed to a proper noun. Other examples that were cited include Roller Skates. Proper noun that is now a common noun. You might have just had to be there, but it was highly entertaining and helped pass the time.
Finally, I learned just how important the Twitter/Blogging community really is to me. My internship was nothing like I had originally anticipated. I found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands and therefore threw myself into Google Reader. Your blogs are all the highlight of my day. I look forward to them, really. I am convinced it is because of all of the reading I have done that I have been able to stay somewhat sane during this semester.
A schedule that demands 11 hours behind a desk two days a week and at least an 8 hour commitment on the other two days of my week has made me really appreciate how good I have it in college. I just don't think I am meant to be a 9-5, behind a desk type of person. It makes me feel like the world is just passing me by while I stare at my computer. I digress... the weekends have obviously taken a toll on my health (cough you know what I mean cough), and I am really still in the early stages of finding a balance between dealing with everything life throws my way and maintaining my health and happiness.
I am sure there is a larger reflection post coming up in the near future as I am only in D.C. for 10 more days (Where oh where has this semester gone!). But until then, I have come to terms with what I have gone through this semester. It has been educational and insightful in the most unconventional ways. I have learned more about myself and what the real world really means to me than I ever thought possible.
I am living with no regrets.


  1. That toast looks good.


  2. You learned a lot of Yummy, oops I mean insightful things lol


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