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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

English eats!

Oh the weekend the weekend. The recap post of my 4 day jaunt to London is way overdue. You will have to forgive me, as I had better internet access across the pond then in the comfort of my own apartment.
I really do not even know where to begin. So I suppose I will just start with what I know. My food pictures of course! I woke up each morning to a perfectly English breakfast of fresh, whole grain toast, which my lovely hosts picked up fresh from the market each morning. Add fresh fruit (also from the market), marmalade, and pressed coffee, and I was one (jet-lagged) and happy girl. The markets here are something to really admire. It is like a farmers market every day! We took an early morning stroll through Portobello Market in Notting Hill and it was beautiful. Look at all the fresh offerings. You could eat every meal here!I think this was some jumbalaya.Either way it looked amazing. They were adding fresh veggies while I was just standing there. Another stand offered fresh pressed juices for as far as the eye can see. I was a happy happy vegetarian taking all that in!
At a separate, and equally impressive stroll through Borough Market, I stumbled upon this...what luck! They were stocked with a full juice bar right in the middle of everything!If it had not been so crowded I would have legitimately stayed all day just browsing and eating and browsing and eating. LOL I have become such a food nerd!
I found a station with purple broccili! And then stumbled upon the fish area. My oh my. This setup made me do a double take!Good thing the owner's thought ahead to let all the gawking customer's know "It's a cod!"Not just a fish though, it was a fish within a fish within a fish! How unique!
The only thing I bought from the market was some homemade, organic, gluten free ginger and blueberry granola. I did not snap a picture yet, but I promise to review them both for y'all because they are both UNREAL!
After browsing all morning, I ate a realllllly unhealthy lunch. But when in Rome...err London, you must eat Fish n' Chips!To be fair I split the plate with my friend, but holy cow, that fish was flaky and salty, just as I imagined. I washed it down with a beer. Hoegaarden to be specific. Which I also drank here (sitting in the middle of 7 Dials people watching)...
...and here (on the roof of the Tate Modern Museum!)...Not a bad view to look at while having a brew huh? and then I switched it up for some other adult beverages here...which ended up being a very late, and highly entertaining night that may or may not have included male dancers on stripper poles. Highly inappropriate and hysterical.I think you can catch a glimpse of the lovely dancers behind the roomie and I. I had a lovely time, and indulgded in just about everything. But I have no regrets. I mean how could I pass on such opportunities. But I will say it took a toll on my body.
Which would be why when I arrived home on Monday night my detox started. Can you guess what I made to eat before I crashed?Like that was a hard one...yea I made a green monster! (Oh, I guess you do get a peak at my new granola ;) see that seedy, coconuty goodness...mmm)
So that about sums up my food pictures. Had it been appropriate, I would have literally snapped shots of every meal because I had some of the finest dining I can ever remember. My cousin basically provided a crash course in fine wines over the course of the weekend. All of which are significantly priced above my college budget, but my oh my I tasted some fine spirits. Something worth noting, though, is the portion size differences between America and the U.K. I did not find myself eating NEARLY as much over there, yet was completely satisfied. Must be something in the water ;)
I hope y'all enjoy my pictures! I have about 100 more, which I am contemplating putting into another post, but I also want to get back to my normal posts. Decisions, decisions.
Until next time,

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  1. I loved all the pics until I got to the fish within a fish picture lol...no bueno ha


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