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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival Weekend 2010

Lemme just start at the beginning and settle in with some epic Oats In A Jar. This post is very scatterbrained, so just bear with me. I left in about a tablespoon's worth of PB in the bottom, so they were extra flavorful and delicious.
They were the perfect early dinner to fuel me through an epic night out. That outfit was not meant for going out, but our rooftop extravaganza carried over to the bars, so we were looking awfully springy on the dance floor. Those pics may or may not make an appearance, pending a thorough review later this evening. :)
Saturday morning, I awoke to an english muffin with a spread of almond butter on one side and a shmear of vegan "butter" and strawberry jelly on the other. I find this combo extra appealing after a long night. I spent the day lounging on the mall with friends and then met up with my cousin to discuss our upcoming trip to London over some sushi. I ordered A LOT of avocado. NOM. Lot's of leftovers too, which is always good! I also tried this beer. It was really good, nice and light, but I was so stuffed from my sushi I only ended up drinking about half of it.
On Friday and took a long walk through Rock Creek Park that wound all the way around to the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I was pretty upset about some things on Friday morning, so I managed to only drink 1/2 of my green (purple) monster.
I added Galaxy Granola to the other half as a snack when I returned.
Mmm... it was crunchy and cold. Super refreshing after a long walk. Speaking of: this trail is absolutely fabulous and was the perfect way to clear my head. Just so you can get an idea of what I see along the path toward the monuments... The infamous Watergate Hotel...
The waterfront area at Georgetown...and the Lincoln Memorial. Not to shabby, huh?
The crowds at the festival were UNREAL. So many people. But, since I was by myself I was able to navigate through them pretty much unscathed and snap some great pictures. Here is my photo montage. Enjoy!

Today, I spent the day completely outside, which could not make me happier. I have lot's of pictures to share...in my No Meat Athlete shirt to boot, but my internet is being fussy and this post is long enough. So I will save the recap for a later date.
Happy Easter to those who celebrate and don't forget to tell the people in your life that you love them.

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