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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a good thing...

...that my weekday's are pretty monotonous because I still have not had the chance to catch you guys up on my Sunday! This week is nothing more than a waiting game for Thursday evening...when I am off to London for a long weekend!
Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early (and sans headache since I stayed in Saturday night like a lady) and prepped for a power walk outside. I am still trying to let my knee heal.
I made a bomb.com breakfast. My first fruit bowl of the season! I used fresh pineapple, canteloupe, and 1/2 banana. The closest grocery store to my apartment FINALLY started carrying some decent greek yogurt! Chobani! And it was on sale, so I stocked up! I put 1/2 container's worth on top with 1/4 cup of galaxy granola. I ended up feeling stronger than I anticipated and actually ran intervals around DC for about 45 minutes. I passed this beautiful building on Mass. Ave. I can't remember the name of it, but my cousin told me that it serves as a haven for Middle Eastern countries (or something like that).The point is, apparently right after 9/11, someone rammed their car into the side of the building. Isn't that awful? Thank goodness it was rebuilt, because it is truly lovely. When I returned to my apartment, I was hunnngggry. I fueled with 1/2 orange, leftover sushi, and a bigass salad that included chickpeas, feta cheese, and 1/2 pita.I ate that shizz up. I was starved. I ate while watching swarms of tourists chillin' on a double decker bus. I remember thinking how happy I was to be in my apartment and not around all those people...and then I sat down for all of 20 minutes until my roommate busted in saying we were going paddle boating around the Jefferson Memorial. INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE SWARM. The line was foreverrrr long, so the boats didn't happen, but I did see this guy.Badass. My roommate and I walked the entire trail home. That means I got A LOT of exercise on Sunday. Go me.
Moving onto Monday. I was super down all day. No details are really necessary. But I did take pictures of my food, so I figured I would share. I'm just realizing how much green I consumed. I'm surprised my skin hasn't changed colors.
Breakfast was a given. My favorite hot/cold combo. Thank goodness for smoothies to cool me down from the coffee. That smoothie had some unknown staying power because the only snack I had between 8AM and 1PM was this 100 calorie mini Clif Bar. (It appears as though I will also have some French to attend too next semester ;)) I am so glad they make smaller portions now, because I really struggle to just eat 1/2 of anything. Lunch was a new creation that turned out really well! A sandwich comprised of Dr. Praeger's Veggie Burger, fresh spinach, and hummus.I served this alongside some broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potato that I roasted the night before. Not too shabby for a work lunch, huh? I didn't get hungry again until 6:30PM but it was so hot in my apartment (they haven't turned the air on yet!!) that I could only fathom one thing for dinner.
Green Monster in a bowl. That's right, two in one day. I put it in a bowl to make it feel more like a meal and added granola and raw oatmeal for some staying power. Around 8PM, while making today's lunch I ate 2 rice cakes with Sunbutter and Crofter's Organic Superfood Spread. I did my 45 mins of yoga after that and was asleep by 11PM. Glad to get Monday over with.
I didn't take pictures of my food today because I wanted to catch up. Tomorrow I will try to blog, but it is doubtful. I have lots to organize and projects to finish before I head to London on Thursday! I am going for a long weekend with my cousin and I can't wait!! I will do full blog recaps I promise!!
Until next time,


  1. I love all the pictures of DC...I need to go there already!

    All of your eats look really good, especially like the last picture of the sammie

  2. Bomb.com breakfast - love it! And I love putting pineapple on oatmeal - yum! I'm glad you got some good exercise :)

    Have a great day!


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