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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snacky Snacky

So y'all remember how I did a 5 mile run on Thursday morning? Yea, well my appetite was contained until I woke up Friday morning absolutely famished! I started my morning with a dense bowl of oats, coffee, and a big glass of water. This bowl contained 1/2 cup of oats to 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 tbsp almond butter, a sprinkle of flaxseed meal, slivered almonds, chocolate chips, and cinnamon. Whew, lots of ingredients=lots of staying power, apparently. Lasted a whole 3 hours while I did a whole lot of nothing. That is actually a lie.I iced my knee and moved from the pictured chair to the couch, where I watched the Madonna episode of Glee and gave myself a manicure and pedicure. That's productive right? I was feeling very snacky, as I said, so prepare yourself because I put away some serious food yesterday. When lunch time rolled around, I could not decide what I wanted to eat for the life of me. So I started with a sweet potato with a BIG (too big actually) dollop of vegan butter spread. Then came a sourdough pretzel+hummus. A winning combination any time! Notice how I am wearing workout shorts? Yea, well I had the best intentions of working out yesterday, but my snacking/lounging seemed to get in the way of that. So I just wore my workout shorts around the apartment all day! I digress...after the pretzel and hummus I ate a mountain of roasted carrots+brocilli. Smothered in ketchup of course!Finally full, (bursting actually) I heard some clomping on the street. I went out to see what it was, and low and behold! Policemen on horses!That entertained me for approximately 5 seconds. Then I got sleepy. (It's exhausting to lounge on the couch instead of your bed!)I couldn't fall asleep, so I watched an episode of 16 and Pregnant and realized just how dumb teenagers are. I also read lots and lots of food blogs. A perfectly relaxing afternoon.

I had to eat an early dinner, but clearly was not hungry because of the monstrous lunch I had. So I ate 2 rice cakes: one with Sunflower seed butter and Crofter's superfood spread, and the other with nut butter and a banana. Clearly the first rice cake was camera shy. But if you look carefully, you can see my leftovers on the paper towel. :) I try.In a tizzy to get ready, pre-game, and get out of the door by 6PM, I also ate a mini Clif bar that escaped my camera.

Oh, I almost forgot! I received my free Kashi sample in the mail. I love the packaging!Isn't that great marketing?? I thought so too! I snapped a quick picture of my actual sample before throwing it in my food cabinet and heading out for a baseball game! Yes, you actually read that right, I went to a baseball game. Mostly for the company of my D.C. crew. Oh and overpriced $8 beers. Obvi. The game was mildly entertaining, but hanging out with my group was really the highlight. They are part of what has made my D.C. experience so memorable and it will be very bittersweet to leave them in 2 weeks. It is hard to believe I actually move out that soon! Good news is, we have been having lots of bonding time because we all realize the end is near. After the game, we headed back to the apartments and continued the festivities with an impromptu dance party. Yea, we are that cool. Around 1 I came back to my apartment and ATE MY KASHI SAMPLE. EPIC FAIL!! I intended to save it to review for the blog and take pretty pictures of it. Haha oh well...the best laid plans sometimes just are not meant to be right?

I have to go read up on my Garmin now. I worked out inside today and did a combination cardio/lifting workout and I could not figure out how to get the Beast to record my calories burned! So annoying! If any of y'all are still reading, and have a Garmin, I would LOVE YOU if you left me a comment telling me how to fix this!!!


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  1. I get the same EXACT way...the day after a hardcore workout, I turn into Audrey 2! haha

    I turn into a little girl when I see horses! I run on a trail where people ride horses and I always have to stop and admire them but some of the people riding them, act a tad snotty lol


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