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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not your dad's tuna salad + MY NEW GARMIN!

Today was a good day through and through! Let me just preface this wonderful day by stating that I just upload like 20 pictures in like 3 minutes flat. High speed Internet is not to be taken for granted people!
So my day started off on the right foot with a Green Monster and coffee. I am trying to redeem myself as a 'food blogger' so I documented my ingredients. This morning's Green Monster contained a whole lotta kale, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup almond milk, and a squirt of honey. I added water until it all blended together, and then added ice to thicken.
I also had 1 slice of whole wheat toast with sunflower seed butter and the other 1/2 of my banana.
It was a good thing I ate a big breakfast because I had no snack time today. I was whisked away upon arriving to work to the UN Refugee Agency (How freaking cool is that!!!) to meet with two different country representatives from Sudan and Chad, respectively. I helped my supervisor conduct interviews that were filmed and will be circulated throughout the NGO community. WAY COOL.
By the time I got back tot he office it was close to 12. That means my brekkie lasted 4 hours! YES! I love when that happens. For lunch, I ate the other half of my Pad Thai that I saved from dinner last night. Here is the horrible Iphone picture I snapped in the restaurant last night. It was a huge portion and made 2 servings easily. I scarfed it down before I could snap another shitty picture.I also ate grapes! MMM... I have been craving fruit! I had NONE before my Trader Joe's run yesterday! Thank goodness I nipped that problem in the butt.
I spent my afternoon bonding with my boss, aka cleaning her desk and organizing things, which was fine by me. :) I have really come to like her a lot! When I finally say down around 3 PM, I ate a sourdough pretzel and chugged some water. Note to self: Must. Stay. Hydrated.Clearly pretzels are not a filling food, because an hour later my tummy was growling. Loudly. I dominated my roasted chickpeas. Done and done. I checked my email one last time before heading home and received word that my Garmin had arrived!! I literally was racing to get home to get my package!!! Kind of feels like opening the box to the first day of the rest of my life. Dramatic yes. Overblown. Helllz no. I legit was so excited...that I made my dinner while this baby charged up. Yea. No battery=downer. But just behold the beauty of this thing. It is a monster. I may just name him "Beast" because I KNOW he is going to make me a workout beast. :)It is clearly love at first sight. I mean, I threw him on and grabbed a picture with my swanky David Yurman jewelry (my high school graduation present to myself BTW)! They all just compliment each other so well, don't you think?
I have A LOT to learn about my Beast tonight. Just look at all of the stuff it comes with! I can't wait to understand the in's and out's of this gadget. I feel like it is going to revolutionize my workouts. If you need me after class, I will be deciphering all of that.
In other news, I also ate dinner today. Radical thing to do, no? I was craving greens (what else is new?), so I pulled a bunch of random ingredients from the fridge and got to work. That turned into this...I dub this salad "Not Your Dad's Tuna Salad" because my father would NEVER eat tuna straight from the can! He makes some seriously addictive tuna salad that tastes nothing like fish. I however, used 1/2 bag of pre-cut lettuce, carrots, sliced almonds, feta cheese, hummus, balsamic vinagrette, and a can of tuna. I just dumped it right on top. (I can hear my dad gagging in Arkansas).All mixed together and slathered on a pita. My sweet tooth kicked in immediatly post consumption, so I broke into some dried mango I picked up in London from a joint called Pret A Manger which has a couple of US locations now! Go there!! The mango was seriously sweet and I managed to resist eating the whole package and actually savor them.
Okay, if you made it through this post. Kudo's because it is seriously long, but I just had such a wonderful day that I wanted to share! I am off to upload my pictures to Facebook while I still have access to decent internet and then I am heading home to set up my new toy!
Until next time, keep it real.


  1. Nice blog! Stopping by to say Hi and I will be back!

  2. I am so jealous! I want a Garmin!!!!!!

    I am as Green as your green monster at the moment which is okay since today IS earth day! lol


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