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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Reunited and it feel so good!"

My BFFile came to see me! She flew all the way from Arkansas just to spend some quality time with yours truly.After being apart since December (the horror!) it was really wonderful to just be able to hang out and catch up. As I mentioned in my last post, some major detoxifying was necessary after my weekend in London. I did not capture many pictures (b/c I am so fed up with trying to upload them on our internet) but I did snap my Green Monster in a bowl
and a beautiful salad complete with a Trader Joe's salmon patty for some protein. The more green the merrier I think! With Sarah Beth's arrival my detox went on hold, obviously. We had some serious moves to make, none of which were particularly healthy, unless you count walking around D.C. and dancing. A lot of dancing. Friday night, a group of us went to Dupont and danced/mingled our a$$es off. It was hysterical, inappropriate, and so much fun. (I think these adjectives are starting to be a reoccurring description of my weekends!) Needless to say, Sarah Beth almost got in a fight, (this is actually her "hey, take a picture of me riding the metro" fac,e but I digress) we were separated from our crew, and there may or may not be some mysterious, unexplainable phone numbers that surprised a few of us the next morning. All in good fun of course. :)
Oh yea, I forgot to mention that during the day on Friday, I crossed off an item on my D.C. Bucket List. I WENT PADDLE BOATING!
That's right, say hello to Jefferson! (And my mom because I was on the phone with her explaining what I was doing!)
Saturday morning (alright, afternoon) I awoke to find these sleeping beauties on my couch.
You see, we had a very full house this weekend. Three out of the four roommates had guests staying for several days, so sleeping arrangements were, um, interesting. It worked out though and we had a great time. Saturday, we spent the day wandering, hit up a lil H&M for some new 'fits, visited Arlington again, and ate at Chop't! Sarah Beth does not quite share my love affair with this place, but I am weirdly attracted to greens and veggies, so I suppose I understand. While getting ready we managed to snag a very classy picture together. I LOOK LIKE SNOOKIE! BADA$$! haha
Sunday was spent wandering from Woodley Park to Dupont and eventually to Farragut North. She saw a good chunk of the city this way, and we did not have to repeat the touristy things we did during our summer trip. I grabbed lunch at Sweet Green which in my opinion was just a more "organic" looking Chop't. We are in Dupont Circle, surrounded by tulips, which were absolutely beautiful. Sunday evening was spent walking along the monuments at night. It is a little creepy to be out there with no tourists, but if you ever get the opportunity, it is really something to see.Post-obligatory picture, we cabbed it home (because the Metro was ridiculously slow this weekend) and called it a night. Sarah Beth left Monday morning, and I was off to work.

--On A Totally Different Note: Today is worth mentioning
I still eat fun things at work! As a large part of my detox (aka getting back to a comfortable weight) I have been very careful about what I have been eating.
I started today with OIAJ (Oats In a Jar) that had been sitting around in the fridge for a little too long. I had to microwave the oats because I was in a hurry, and they were not nearly as good. :(
My mid-morning snack included a Starbucks run (which is officially a full blown habit -Not Good-) A baby Luna Bar, and roasted chickpeas. Nom. Oh yea, I get an iced coffee with soy milk, FYI.
I roasted up a big batch of chickpeas because they are the perfect high fiber snack to keep me satisfied at work.

Lunch was a concoction of leftovers that I whipped up last night. I used 1/2 quinoa cooked with water and TJ's Soyaki sauce, roasted broccoli, cauliflower, chickpeas, and a little feta cheese on top. It was delish!
My mid-afternoon snack was my absolutely favorite yogurt, Chobani.
Today I had the peach flavor, minus granola (to cut calories) but the strawberry was equally as delicious! I love them all!
I peaced out of work around 3:30 today and was able to run over to Trader Joe's for the first time in Lord knows how long! It was great to go back! I stocked up on my greens, produce, and veggies, and of course replaced my empty almond butter jar. I darted home, changed clothes, and for the third day in a row (!!) worked myself out until I was a sweaty mess. SUCCESS.
I skipped class this evening in lieu of saying goodbye to a friend who is moving to Turkey tomorrow for two years (if his flight can get there, damn volcanic ash!) After some tears were shed, my cousin and I grabbed a bit (okay, huge portion) to eat at DC Noodles. I ordered the Pad Thia with extra veggies and tofu. I saved half of my portion for lunch tomorrow because it was just that big! We also split appetizers of vegetarian spring rolls and seaweed salad. I really liked this place. The food was really fresh.

I would love to share about 1000 more pictures with y'all, but I have not the patience, nor time (it is after midnight!) to wait for them to upload. So, expect some glamour shots tomorrow :)
Goodnight everyone!

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