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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Work it out!

Hellllo you~
How's it going? Things are awful quiet around here right now. I am currently vegging on the couch, reading blogs and watching (actually just listening because the TV is so small the people look like ants) to the Oscars. It has not been this relaxing all day though, so lets backtrack shall we? Mmmmkayyy.
Last night, my partner in crime and I decided to shake things up and go to Georgetown for the evening. Here we are dressed to impress :) We went to Rhino Bar, which we only knew about because we saw it on the Real World. Yea we are that cool. Anywayssss, I personally didn't love Georgetown. I just really didn't like the scene as much as Adams Morgan or Dupont and the people all seemed kind of uppity...in my humble opinion. Of course we got back a ridiculously late hour, as always, so I did not wake up this morning until 11:30! I hate sleeping the day away, it makes me feel like such a waste!
I sat down to the pictured breakfast and wrote out a to do list to ensure I was productive. I have lots to do and little motivation to do it after a late night out ;). My OCD won't let me skip out on things if they are already written down, so that definitely helped me get my act together. First up, I opened all the windows in the apartment (the weather was AMAZING today), blasted some music, and scrubbed my room down. Dusting, sweeping, the works, ya know? Yeaa for clean living space! Haha, well go figure I was hungry pretty quickly after a light breakfast so I hunted and gathered and feasted. Drool away. Egg scramble with onion, tomato, and a sh*t ton of spinach. Too bad it wilts down to like, 3 bites, but whateves, I still get the health benefits right? Since I already had my egg whites out, I got ballsy for a hot minute and added some to my 1/3 cup of oatmeal. And of course since all you other bloggers said it would be amazing, I obviously thought it was incredible!
Can you say CREAMY! Ya, so good! After lunch, I did a little googling (aka research but who calls it that anymore!) to try and find more post-college options. I did not really find anything that has jumped out at me yet.
Around 4, the roomie pictured above and I headed to yoga. The class was more meditative and definitely slower than yesterday, but I am just realizing how much better my practice is when I am in a studio. I just love the environment. GUESS WHAT?! I was able to do a full headstand today! I held it for roughly 30 seconds! I am so excited. I feel like my strength is really improving and I could not be more pleased.
After class, I ran to the neighborhood grocery store (ick) and stocked up on fresh produce. Its no TJ's or WF quality, but it is convenient. I went all housewife when I got home and cooked my meals for the week while simultaneously doing laundry. Since I munched my way through cooking, I just made a light dinner. English muffin pizza! I used a whole wheat TJ's english muffin, organic tomato sauce, and a sliced up organic mozzarella cheese string cheese packet! NOMMMMMM. Alright, I am beat. I have been awake for a whole 10 hours ;). Too bad I didn't get my homework done, but there is always tomorrow right??

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  1. yums those eggs look delish! and so do you! great outfit =)


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