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Thursday, March 4, 2010

beige beige beige

Hi lovelies,
I am not much in a blogging mood tonight, I really don't know why, so I am just going to keep this short. Oh wait, well if I am being honest, it probably has to do with the fact that I am writing this with a tummy ache. It is my own fault, as I slipped up again and ate too much after dinner, but I am not perfect and although this sucks, I am a work in progress. Can't beat up on myself now, it is done. Tomorrow should be better though, since I am going to start out running my new favorite trail! I did stength training this week to prepare. Then, I am going to spend my day scoping out some potential career avenues. I have a specific thin to go to, but I don't want to share quite yet, as I have no idea if it is right for me or not. I'll keep ya posted though.
In other news, my eats were oddly beige today. Blech. . I started the day with oatmeal because I knew it was going to be a long morning with no chance to snack. Thank you interactive simulation class. In all fairness, it was very interesting and by far the most engaging academic thing I have done this semester. We were divided into different Iraqi stakeholders and were sent to negociate with one another to try and develop a solution as how to best organize the state's government and allocation of oil resources.
Good thing I had a big breakfast because I didn't get to eat for 4.5 hours. Not cool. Even worse, they ordered pizza for lunch. Like a good foodie, I came prepared with a juicy apple and a Glo Bar. Like a bad foodie, I didn't get a picture. :(
We wrapped up the day with a boring lecture and then I came home HUNGRY. Cut to my yogurt mess... and grapes for a punch of color. I ended up just putting the grapes in the mess because I was so hungry :) Then I was off to explore a new area of town and find the closest Target. I needed staple items and I was not about to pay CVS prices. We walked roughly two miles there and back. Good thing I like exercise!
Din Din is an old favorite with a twist. Whole wheat pasta, fresh asparagus, veggie burger and...NOOCH! I admit it. I am such a food copy cat. I read about what everyone else loves and then I buy it. And what do ya know? I agree with everyone, it does taste like cheese! Don't worry I made lots of leftovers because I was to OCD to put just a hand full of pasta back in the cabinet. Oh me.
Dessert was dark chocolate dreams peanut butter and like 4 grahm crackers. Not proud, but it happened. And it was good. Damn you amazing peanut butter!

Okay, I need a good nights sleep. I tossed and turned forever last night.
Question for y'all: DO you find that you eat more if you don't get a full nights sleep?
I know I do! I am like a garbage disposal.
jusqu'à demain


  1. I just found your blog, and I've had a great time reading your posts! I admit I am also a food copy cat too! I love to get new ideas from other bloggers.

  2. I am always stealing food ideas from other blogs...aint that the point of blogging? lol

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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