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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That's Just Great!

Here's the deets. I have officially changed my twitter name to @knack4nutrition and so I am all excited to post and share all my AmAzInG food picture's with y'all, and what happens? My shittastic internet won't upload them.
I think the internet gods are trying to pull me out of my post yoga serene state, but hell to the no that is not happening.
Oh what do ya know!? Someone decided to work...JUST NOW...AFTER I created a cute little intro. Well there ya go, now at least y'all have something to look at while I rant.
I actually had a wonderful day! I wore jeans to the office and was really nervous that I would look too casual, but the only comment I got was a complement on the butt design! Thank you Sevens ;) I did blah intern work all day, but I bought the new ALO cd, so I had plenty of jams to keep me entertained. Not to mention some secret blog reading time! Mmmm...monsta love.
For lunch I met up with my cousin at Chop't (my third favorite place in DC following TJ's and Whole Foods!) and got a hugeass bowl of veggies. I thought that was bliss...until we snagged a table outside in the perfect 60 degree weather. Holy cow, it was actually the best. lunch. ever. Good company, good weather, and good food! Now that is a trifecta.
Afternoon at work was equally uninspired, but I was in such a good mood from being outside for lunch that it really did not even bother me! (never ate the apple) I think knowing class was canceled and there was yoga tonight reallllly helped! It may also have something to do with a post lunch iced coffee in the happiest plastic cup EVER.
Motivational quotes and coffee...lurvv.
I had another green monster after work to hold me over through yoga. I actually think I sweat green at this point. The room was HOT HOT HOT. I was legit sliding off my mat! (gross, I know, but I am getting good at the TMI thing). I felt great after though!
I had a group meeting immediately following, so the lucky boys in my group got to see me in all my sweaty glory. (No, I did not shower. Yes, I know that is gross.) The meeting was short, and I came home and showered ASAP, so its really not so bad right?
Moving on. I was so hungry I did not photograph dinner!(Bad blogger award, right here thank you!) I inhaled an orange while cooking 1/3 cup of oats, with egg whites mixed in. For toppings I used 1 tablespoon Dark Chocolate Dreams, and small handful of granola, and slivered almonds. It was gone before it could say cheese! (bad photography joke) Dessert was a scoop of ice cream. Nothing exciting.
So now, remember the Amazing Grass packets I got in the mail yesterday?? Well, the company was so nice to me when I contacted them about not receiving the initial samples that I ordered that I asked if it would be all right to review their products for my readers. They said yes! They asked to see a sample of my blog (Hi Amy and Teri Jo!) and said go right ahead!
So I have decided to keep notes of the flavors I try and devote one post to my review sometime next week (I want to have time to try them all...and with my monster making pace that should not take very long!) I am so excited for this opportunity! It makes me feel like a legit blogger!
Now onto not fun things, aka memo writing...:(
In the fitness area of life: Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be rest days because my legs are TIRED. Plus, I want to be fresh for my Friday morning run. I am going to try and push a little farther this week.
Hope y'all are having a great night!

PS. I have a question of the day: Do you use Amazing Grass products? If so, what is your personal favorite product? (I promise it won't influence my review!)

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