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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chocolate suprises!

Lova's! How are you all today?! I hope everyone is doing well, after all, it is officially past the halfway point! As a matter of fact, today was my last day at work for an entire week! I will miss Spring Break terribly when I graduate :(
I am officially addicted to coffee again. I legitimately roll out of bed and DO NOTHING until I make coffee. It is not good. Mental note to self: Cut back.
What I won't be cutting back on is my morning monster. Check this baby out.
Uh, yea. As I mentioned on twitter this morning (are you following me yet?) I like to add tons of ice to my smoothie in the morning to balance the dehydrating effects of coffee. Plus, it makes your smoothie HUGE and I love big portions. WIN.
Bad news was that I was hungry by 10:30AM. I attribute the tummy rumbles to the fact that I forgot to add flax seeds this morning. I snacked on an unpictured orange that kind of didn't taste right. I ate it anyways :) I was hanngry.
Lunch went unphotographed because it was leftover vegetable stir fry with 1/3 of a chocolate chip cookie and a small iced coffee from Starbucks. It was delish but I dined with friend that doesn't know about my blog yet! Guess I am still a little shy about it.
In other news, I couldn't seem to stay full today to save my life. I drank 60000 liters of water to try to curb my hunger but it just wasn't happening. Around 2:30 I dominated these grapes and approximately 1 hour later I dove into my glo bar.I am trying very hard to ration my supply of these, because I love them so much, but they are way out of my college price range. Sad sad. This afternoon I found out that my sister is coming to visit me next weekend! I am so excited to spend some quality time with her! We really don't see each other often enough, and I couldn't even tell y'all the last time the two of us just hung out for a weekend. That was the highlight of my workday by far.
I also got to leave 20 minutes early, which makes all the difference when you commute at rush hour. I was home by 5PM, so I had time to whip up a healthy dinner. I started by nuking a veggie burger and eating it on a piece of whole wheat bread because I was ravenous. Looks gross, but it took the edge off my hunger. I took this bigass potato and a bag of frozen vegetables and dumped them on respective cooking trays. Add a dash of EVOO (hello Rachel Ray!), salt, and pepper to each pan and put it in da oven!
Before... and after... happy tummy!
I never actually finished those midterm memo's last night and the deadline is rapidly approaching. So tonight is attempt number 2. Wish me luck!
P.S. Shout out to my mom for being the cutest little Smutha Mutha in the whole world today. She send me a "just because" package with some makeup, $$, and a Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar. She included a note that said, "If you win the golden ticket, consider taking your mother on that trip around the world." How sweet is that! I didn't win :( but I did bust out the chocolate in class to share with my neighbors. Sometimes the small things are just worth sharing. Thanks for making my day mom :)

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  1. Good luck with your memos! I better not see you on twitter tonight lol

    Sometimes I add Oats to my Green Monsters, it holds me over until lunch.

    Din din looks so good


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