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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How do you quantify a good day?

For me, a good day consists of a series of small events that all build up and leave you just feeling breezy and content.

Today was definitely one of those days. I was able to take an hour for myself yesterday and do some seriously challenging yoga, so I was feeling stretched out when I woke. I also got up on time today so I would not have to rush through my Green Monster and coffee.

I believe I have perfected the recipe to make super think green monsters. You have to set the blender on a lower setting and then just let it go to work. I have taken to eating mine with a spoon, so it feels like a meal, not just a drink.
Back to today, so I got to work on time and was told that I was going to Capitol Hill for a debriefing. Can you say cool opportunity?? Yea, me too! Cool opportunity! I went to the Longworth office building and arrived a little early, so I went for a short walk.
The weather was absolutely beautiful today, so I had no complaints about moseing around the area and taking in the sunshine. I thought it was interesting that the meeting was held in a relatively small conference room with only five rows of chairs, yet had two (what appeared to be brand new) flat screen televisions hanging on the wall. Seems rather unnecessary, no? I emailed my dad about it, and he came back with something along the lines of "glad my tax dollars are at work." Yea, me too dad, me too.
I left the briefing around noon and chatted with my dad for a bit before heading back to my area of town. And by my area of town, I do not mean right to my office, I was on a mission for greens. I was planning to meet up with the cousin today (so I did not pack a lunch), but our schedules were compromised at the last minute.
I knew exactly what I wanted to try today. My organic-loving heart's answer to Chop't. Mix't Greens. It is advertised as eco-gourmet food, so y'all know I had to try it.
I ordered the Dagwood Salad and added edamame, butternut squash, and tomatoes. Before I do the necessary "omg it was so good!" y'all have to hear about how this salad only cost me $7! The very nice manager of the store kinda sorta chatted me up, and I suppose that because I wasn't a complete bia to him, I scored a 1/2 price salad! Oh happy day! A compliment and cheap greens!!!
Looking at this incident from the bigger picture I would say it can literally pay to be nice to people!
As for the salad. I mean, who doesn't love fresh roasted veggies, goat cheese, and a light lemon vinagerette? Ya, it was wonderful. I actually remembered to savor the favors today, so it was really excellent. I chose to order outside of my comfort zone, and I wasn't dissapointed. I will definitely be a repeat customer,especially because I was given a frequent diner card!

An added bonus to today, I received my metro stipend money for the month of April! I must say, I am very greatful to my internship for providing my transportation costs. It adds up very quickly!
Although this isn't my ideal way to end a solid day, I am gearing up for my only test of the semester tonight. It is on the world economy, and since I have taken two courses previously on the topic, plus prepared ahead of time, I am hoping it won't own my life. Y'all wish me luck!
p.s these are my highlights of the past 3 days!

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