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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Ups and the Downs

Today has been...interesting to say the least. I received some news about a friend that was absolutely heartbreaking. I do not really feel like it is my place to go into the details of the situation, but the phone call really put a somber draping over the entire day.

It is so easy to forget just how lucky I am. Surrounded by the most supportive family and friends anyone could ask for, I am so grateful to KNOW that God-forbid something happen to me, they would all rush to my side. I hate to admit it, but sometimes it takes an unwelcome event to remind us of how fortunate we truly are.

Life is not perfect. In fact, it is pretty messy most of the time. But it is important to live it to the fullest extent and remember that nothing is guaranteed.

I have no intention of making this a depressing post, but something else awful preceded today's news. SYRACUSE LOST TO BUTLER. I can not fathom this loss, as Andy Rautins was playing his last college game, not to mention we were a #1 seeded team. The roomies and I dressed in our finest gear to attend our mandatory class that lasted well into the first half of the game. (BTW we were supposed to be in business casual, but we were taking a stand!) Therefore, I blame my teacher for Syracuse's defeat. (Not really, but it's a good thought).
I cushioned the blow with some rice puff pumpkin yogurt, which in all honesty lifted my spirits.Well, it was either that, or the wine and screaming "eff Butler" off the balcony until about 1AM. :) We all cope differently.
I woke up this morning to hydrate and alkalize my bod. I am still working my way through the Amazing Grass samples I purchased several weeks ago, which is a good thing because the tubs are expensive!With a heavy heart, I tried to go about my day as normally as possible. I am pleased to announce that I am the very proud new owner of brand new running shoes! This purchase was long overdue, 6 months to be precise, but I could not be happier with my Brooks Glycerin shoes. I think they are beauties, don't you? I love the colors!
To break them in a little before my workout, I trekked across town to Whole Foods to give them my "Whole Paycheck." (oh wait, I am still just an intern ;)) Thank you for the groceries Mom and Dad! I cashed in my Crofter's coupons and snagged a buy one get one deal on all Clif bars, so the trip was definitely worthwhile.
It's odd, grocery stores make me very zen. My head clears for a little while when I am able to browse the products in peace. I know that sounds weird, but it just works for me.
My workout today was awesome due in part to approx. 50% frustration and 50% running in new shoes! I tried a HIIT workout, which I learned about from Angela. I completed 8 intervals, changing my speed throughout to ensure I was getting the most out of my workout. I found that "resting" at 5.5mph and "sprinting" at 6.7mph worked out well.
The rest of my tredmill time was spent jogging to some great jams (so much so that they kept me going even after I told myself it was okay to get off!) and walking/watching the nightly news.
AFTER (I say this because I am usually so hungry I eat before showering. It is gross, I know) I scrubbed down, I made din din. Frozen broccili steamed in the microwave for 2 mins, leftover quinoa, and a salmon burger patty curtosy of TJ's. I added in feta cheese, but it was too salty, so if you ever try this, I recommend it sans cheese. Dessert was a new purchase.... For having no dairy, this "ice cream" is divine. Very rich though, which is a good thing for me, since it makes it harder to overeat.
I ate my portion and was done. Good work.
Alright, I am off to celebrate a girl in my program's 21st birthday. I can't stay down too long and the bad news from earlier today does not mean there is nothing to be happy/grateful about so I am moving forward! Gotta keep our heads up, right?
I hope y'all have a great Friday night!

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