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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feelin' It

Hi there!
I have been a slacker blogger the past two days. I didn't post yesterday, and the following collection of pictures in no way constitutes everything I have eaten in the past 48 hours. I only took pictures of the pretty food. BUT, I have been completely dedicated to figuring out all the different settings on my camera, so the picture quality on this blog is now officially not shitty! :) So yesterday I went to a very interesting recruiting session...at the Peace Corps headquarters. I have not decided yet if it is something I can commit to (it is a 27 month contract) but I am trying to figure out what the next step will be after graduation and I have always been curious. The session provided me with a lot to think about. I love the idea of completely immersing myself in a new culture and having the resources to make a difference in the lives of complete strangers. That said, if I am being honest, I don't know that I am selfless enough to just walk away from my life here. In an event, I'll keep y'all posted.
I spent my afternoon researching yoga studio's around DC to see if I could find some affordable classes to try. I ended up finding a great deal at a studio in Adams Morgan that offers 10 days of unlimited classes for $10! All of the reviews I read were really positive so I decided to try it out. I purposely signed up for a Saturday morning class as to keep my Friday night under control. That, of course, did not happen, but we will get there. Patience friends, patience. Before I got rowdy, my roommate, Joo Hee, and I met up at the National Archives to watch a free screening of the documentary "The Cove." The film is essentially the "Food Inc" of the dolphin world. It exposes the mass murder of dolphins in Japan. I cried, a lot. It was definitely an eye opener. The worse part for me was the realization that the dolphins are being killed in vein. They have toxic levels of mercury in their bodies, so their meat is inedible for humans. Very disturbing, yet educational, and I recommend y'all watch this to truly understand what is going on. Ok, there is no way to not look like an asshole changing subjects to something completely lighthearted, so lets just not be judgmental and move along, k? Thanks. I essentially went home, swapped roommates, and threw on my party pants. ( and a Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart shirt) Thanks Miley, you da best. We went out with some friends and were having a mediocre time until we took a trip to the ladies room to reassess the evening. It is amazing how changing your mindset can really alter the events of a night. Needless to say, armed with fierce attitudes, we tore up some dancefloors (yes, PLURAL) and made lots of new friends! :) Good thing my responsible side set my alarm clock BEFORE I went out! I begrudgingly rolled out of bed around 9 and made myself a detox green monster. I did not get a picture, but lets just say it was chewy because I used so much kale! I needed it though, so its all good! I also drank approximately 1000 liters of water before I left. The yoga class I attended was intermediate level, in a small room that was roughly 85 degrees, and 90 minutes long. As hot as it was, it was legitimately the most amazing practice I have ever had. I sweat out of every pore of my body and felt completely cleansed and renewed by the end. I kind of felt like I was just like floating on endorphins the entire way home!
So now I just watched Syracuse lose their last regular season basketball game. But its cool...wanna know why? Because this sexy man was just on my TV for two hours. How does that not make everything ok? Oh Andy Rautins, I will miss you next year.

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