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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Holy Quinoa!

What up Bloggies?!
I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their St. Patrick's day festivities...I know I did! I may or may not still be paying for it ;) My pictures are all a day behind as I could not seem to get this post written yesterday. Good news is I have been productive moderately productive. I also realized my blog posts are getting a little wordy, which is probably unnecessary, but my mind just runs a mile a minute and I suppose my fingers do too!Such a horrible view, right? The weather here is RIDICULOUS in the best possible way! I just love spring and I can't get enough of all the sunshine. Therefore I had some quality bonding time with my green monster on the balcony yesterday.
In completely unrelated news, I LOVE QUINOA. So so glad I picked this up on my Trader Joe's run because it is delish! I cooked mine in vegetable broth and those little guys just soaked it right up! I roasted zucchini, onion, and butternut squash (random combo) to eat with my new foodie find and added some vegan butter spread on top just for good measure. That is my definition of a beautiful dish! I love the way the grains pop in your mouth but aren't overly chewy! It is definitely way out of my eating comfort zone, but I think it will quickly become a staple food in my diet. I love that it is so high in protein! After lunch, I commenced my balcony suntanning portion of the day and actually got some color! It is nice to not look like I was just delivered from the North Pole.
I started my festivities rather early yesterday, so that is as much of a recap as I can give on this family friendly blog.
Today was spent 1)recovering and 2)preparing for my sister's arrival! I can't wait! I just scrubbed the apartment from end to end because it needed it! Attention roommates: stop being slobs. Kthanx. I am off to do nothing for a while ;)
See y'all tomorrow!

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