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Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy International Womens Day!

Hello everyone!
Hows it going? I had a busy and productive day at work! It was kind of a blur to be honest! I woke up 25 minutes late and promptly threw a bunch of stuff into the blender, made some coffee, did the hair and makeup thing while simultaneously chugging my smoothie. Therefore, this is the picture I managed to capture. I obviously hate green monsters.
I got to work only 5 minutes late! Booyah! I did my thing for about two hours and then my tummy started rumbling. That orange is ALMOST as beautiful as my favorite Orangeman, Andy Rautins! (If you need a refresher, click on over to my previous post!) 1/2 of this bar was consumed too because I knew I would be having a late lunch. It was an absolutely perfect day to go to a rally, so thats what I did! (I won't post pictures of the event because I sometimes use my blog to vent about the organization) It was a lot of fun though and I was glad to be part of something so grassroots! I got back to the office around 2pm, and to say I was hungry is a serious understatement. This was consumed, along with this and some purple grapes that apparently were not in the mood for a photo sesh. I ate the rest of my morning bar slightly before 5pm and then came home and had a banana while changing into my workout gear. I was damn determined to get in a run before sunset and it actually happened! It was only 35 minutes, and my legs are definitely fatigued from all the yoga and running from the weekend, but it does not matter, because I did it! I could have just as easily vegged out on the couch.
Oh I almost forgot! I ordered some Amazing Grass samples to try and find a favorite flavor to stick with and they finally came! I am going to have some serious decisions to make tomorrow morning! :)
Dinner consisted of the last of my soup (which I am not even sure was still good but I refuse to waste veggies) and this veggie stir fry I whipped up last night! I used asparagus, onion, squash, carrot, and red peppers for my veggies and then threw in some microwaved TJ's brown rice. I used TJ's Soyaki sauce to top it off, and holy balls it is good! At least I portioned it out into tubberware last night because I could do work on that dish.
So now I am munching on granola and am in desperate need of a shower. Can you say stank? Yeah... homework and blog reading to top off my night, and then I am off to go do it all over tomorrow!
I hope yall had a happy international womens day!

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