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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leftovers galore!

'Ello bloggie friends! Happy Tuesday to y'all! After a weekend of way to much ahem, fun time, I needed to kick my own butt last night at the hot, sweaty gym in my apartment. Although I did not last long I pushed through. The first workout back after some time off can either be amazing and powerful or weak and painful. Mine was the latter. Here's my stat's:

I followed my sweat sesh with a new recipe that looks unappealing but tastes fantastic! Here's the fixin's: 1/2 cup Fage 0%, 1 tablespoon TJ's Pumpkin Butter, 1/3 scoop of whey protein powder, 1 cup Puffed Rice, a small handful of Almond granola, and a dash of honey! It's tangy, yet sweet, and the puffed rice allows you to eat in bulk for not a lot of calories. The perfect recovery snack.
After my shower I still had some umph left in me, so I decided to save myself some money this week by cooking lunches ahead of time instead of ordering out. Cut to me trashing the kitchen! Not actually, but I was making quite the ruckus at 11PM. I am sure my roommates loved it. So, what did I make? Well, I started thinking that the most logical meal would include a grain, a protein, and a vegetable. With that in mind, I started by whipping up a HUGE batch of my new staple grain which just so happens to be chock full of protein...Quinoa! (It is a love affair really.)
The second layer came straight out of a can...kidney beans! Not such a huge fan, but they must be used up since I apparently had to have them one day at the grocery store. Finally, I topped it all off by roasting some frozen (read: budget friendly) asparagus. I doused them in garlic powder, salt, and pepper so they made the dish full of flavor. The rest of my lunch eats we're the following...
Y'all! That Z Clif bar was so good! Chewy, sweet, and oaty, I am definitely going to be a repeat customer! I noshed on only a few almonds, but I like to have a stash in my purse for emergencies.
After sleeping oh so soundly knowing my lunch was all taken care of, I awoke to take on this gross blob of frozen green. Um, I miss my fresh spinach. That is all. But, in a bind, the frozen sufficed to create my favorite breakfast of all time the Green Monster of course! I poured at least two cups of water in this one, so I started off the day nice and hydrated!
Skipping to dinner since you clearly saw lunch, I made a can of Amy's creamy tomato bisque soup (which I found to be odd tasting...too sweet perhaps?) and a sandwich. I made the 'wich with possibly my three favorite toppers in the world. Hummus! (Aduh)

Avacado! And Cheese! (a laughing cow wedge to be specific.) Dessert had to immediatly follow as I had class tonight and planned another sweat sesh (lifting this time) post brain drain. It appears as though we have come full circle.
So now I must bid you all farewell as I am off to spend some quality time with my new Michael Pollan books! :)

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  1. Fabulous workout chickie!!!!! And good for you for packing your own lunch..your waist and wallet both thank you!


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