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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breaking News!

Hi there!
I want to apologize in advance for the blurry pictures today. It is only some of them, and I think it is because I have been messing with the settings on my camera. I was in too much of a rush after dinner to try and fix them, so I am begrudgingly posting them for accountability's sake.
So Tuesday and Wednesday are my least favorite day of the week. But since it's a new month, and I am being optimistic, I am embracing today as my workout "rest day" and looing at the good things instead of the boring. I am trying to start my days with green monster's lately since I have such a hug tub of spinach from whole foods that isn't going to eat itself. I also bought kale, so I used three leaves on top of the spinach. Green quota for the morning? Check. I added in frozens berries, 1/2 banana, honey, almond milk, and my new whey protein powder. I'm not sure why, but I had to add a bunch of water to it today to make everything come together. Therefore, my monster was biggie-sized! Luckily, actually unluckily, I love big portions, so I drank the whole thing, no problem. :) I had an event first thing this morning, so I didn't want to bring soup because I didn't have a fridge to store it in. So I got creative (not really) and made a toasted almond butter banana sandwich and sprinkled cinnamon on it. Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread? Helllz yes. I was legit excited to eat this. FOOD NERD ALERT. Okay so the event was mediocre, they focused a lot more on infrastructure building then actual food security issues, but whateves, it kept me out of the office all morning, so I was as happy as a clam :) I was not however, expecting my monster to only keep my full for 1.5 hrs. As soon as the session ended, I busted into my lunch...
and scarfed down my power muffin. I love them oh so dearly. Then a hopped across town and landed back at the office just prior to noon. The rest of my afternoon was spent drinking lots of yummy raspberry infused tea, staring at my sandwich, map making (yea, seriously), staring at my sandwich, reading food blogs :), caving into my sandwich, twittering, a little more map making, and a countdown during the last hour. I ate all of the food pictured above except the Larabar.
I peaced outta there right at 5pm and arrived home to a special package! I love packages! No free samples from cool companies like other bloggies get (yea, I am a little jealous), but I did get my next two books from Amazon! Good thing too, because I finished "In Defense of Food" last night and I am loving food politics these days. Instead of cooking, I scanned both books to try and decide what to read first. I landed on "Closing the Food Gap" because I don't get the vibe that the other one is going to be as leisurely of a read. Good for reference though, fo sho.
I was to lazy to cook during the hour break I have between work and class, so I heated up some leftover soup and threw a pita, some cheese, and a handful of spinach in the toaster and smooshed it together. So glamorous. I know. Dessert immediately followed, obviously, and was a complete repeat of last night. Such a lovely moment. Until it was gone :(
So here I sit in class, blogging instead of listening to more political banter. I am aware healthcare is a mess and that politicians in this town are corrupt. I get it. It's exhausting. Sorry mom and dad, but I got an A on my paper that got handed back today!

Breaking news!!! The love of my life, Sarah Beth, who I have known since 4th grade, just booked a plane ticket to come visit me in April!!! She is the shizzz and I love her dearly. When she booked the ticket, all she said was "get your party pants on!" WOOHOO!!!
Talk about a positive note to end the day! This whole choosing happiness thing is really working out! I feel great!
Catch y'all tomorrow!

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  1. Awww I love when I get to hang out with old friends...so many great memories =). I hope you two chicas have a fabulous time!

    Yums I heart Green Monsters!


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