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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm back...

...and I'm such a hypocrite. Like, who says they aren't going to post for a couple days and goes away for all of 24 hours? Moreover, who says they are committed to yoga and running and then wakes up a mere 12 hours later and completes an hour of strength training circuits? I am RIDIC. It could be worse I suppose, I mean, at least I can admit I am a hypocrite. :)
Moving on, I have so much on my mind these days, it is overwhelming. So, heads up, this post is going to be ALL over the place. Oh, and the eats? A lovely compilation of what I consumed over the past two days, in no particular order.
First up, I intentionally stepped back from my blog (or tried to) so that I could do some actually homework (mindblowing, I know) and organize my life for what comes next...which would be STRASBOURG!! followed by summer school. It's cool though, because I actually focused for an extended period of time, wrote my memo's, and received confirmation that my summer credits will transfer. I intend to work on a presentation tonight, make more phone calls tomorrow, and figure out which class I want to take this summer so everything can be all lined up before I leave for my European adventure.

And now, I need to vent. We are on Spring Break this week and 2 out of 3 roommates decided to stay in town. Totally understandable, but they both have company here. At the same time. Now, one of the guests I don't even notice, but the other one, well she is all up in my space. As you may know by now, I am a tinge OCD. Well, I am now forced to share my bathroom with TWO (2!!) people who do not have the same cleaning habits as I do. Moreover, my roommates friend cooks, and has therefore been all over my kitchen. It would be totally fine, except I am the one who ends up cleaning up/emptying the dishwasher. There is a BIG difference between CLEAN and SANITARY. And apparently we all were not taught the same. UGH. One more thing, they are loud and I can't even understand what they are saying!!!!. Ok vent over. Thanks for letting me ramble. Thank goodness for yoga is all I have to say because I have not lost my cool once. That is improvement, believe me.
In an effort to keep myself occupied, and out of my apartment, I went on a long run today. I pushed myself on the front end and added some distance to my normal route. I was feeling great (and being careful), but when I turned around to start running back the front of my right knee started hurting. Not the same kind of pain as my IT issues, but pain nonetheless. I was about 3 miles from home when it happened and I had to walk the rest of the way. :( Talk about frustrating. I really enjoy running and spring is finally here! I iced this evening (with organic broccoli of course) and will do Yoga For Runners later tonight to see if that helps. But if y'all have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. The pain is on the front around the bottom of my kneecap. Has anyone ever had a similar issue? What did you do to heal??
Okay, no more Debbie Downer!
Along the lines of working out, y'all have to see what I purchased! I couldn't resist! I bought it from the No Meat Athlete himself and could not be more pleased with the service! Two day delivery, oy vey! Thanks Matt! Y'all check him out at No Meat Athlete. I have every intention of wearing this shirt with pride since I converted to being a veg head and fitness junkie :)
Which leads to a smooth transition right into my eating as of late. It's finally NOT BAD NEWS! I have felt very in control. Thank goodness. It is a welcome relief to feel like I have willpower again. Despite my high intensity workouts, I have not been mindlessly munching. I have been trying to consume more protein, which is challenging as a vegetarian, but I think it is keeping me satisfied for longer periods of time.
Oh, I also hit up Trader Joe's yesterday! :) I was seriously having withdrawals because I have been shopping at the store by my apartment. Convenient: yes. AMAZING: absolutely not. I purchased two very new food items to try this week: Quinoa and Sunflower Seed Butter. I already broke into the latter, and it is good, not great. Can't win them all I suppose.
So I know everyone is gearing up for Fitbloggin' this weekend, and as much as I wish I was going (and believe me I could use a break from this apartment), I am so excited to see my mom and sister! My sis is driving in Thursday night and my mom is flying in Friday morning! I need some family bonding. It keeps my head on straight.

P.S. Please leave me a comment on what you did to heal your knee! I need advice!
P.P.S While waiting for my slow internet to upload pictures I purchased two more Michael Pollan books while jammin' to G.Love's "Milk and Cereal". If you have never heard this song, well that just isn't right! As a food blogger I encourage you to listen to the lyrics very closely :)

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  1. Hey Jennifer, just found your blog via your comment on mine. Thanks for posting the picture of you in your NMA shirt!!!


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