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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stick a fork in me cuz I'm done!

I believe this post is aptly titled for two reasons.
1) I am officially back in Arkansas and no longer a D.C. resident :(
2) I had to eat all of my meals on Friday (my final day) with a fork because all the spoons were dirty. No joke. See this innocent bowl of oatmeal? It was eaten with a fork. After my final breakfast (tear) I went on a packing rampage. I legit managed to pack up my whole life in 3 hours.
Lunch was random, which is to be expected when one is trying to use up as much food as possible while maintaining some semblance of health. I actually used along the lines of 5 cups of spinach (both frozen and fresh) in this monster, as well as a shot of wheat grass.
It tasted, well, spinachy. I ate a sweet potato with hummus alongside. I warned you it was a random combo kind of day. All of this was of course eaten with a fork. (which means I actually had to drink my green monster out of the bowl because I believe all the cups were dirty too) It happens :) Following my rooftop goodbye potluck dinner,(which was not photographed because I am still not sure my group knows about the blog), my roommate and I did what we do best in DC. Primped and Prepped for a final epic evening out. Bear with me because these pictures are random but priceless. Let's see: Here we have my roommate, Nicole, and I documenting that we went on kitchen strike. Did you ever think 4 girls could be so messy or create so much trash? Me either, yet it happened. A LOT.
And here we have a final nighttime shot of the view from my balcony. Easily my favorite part of the apartment. Oh, I will yearn to see this view again someday.
And finally, my favorite picture of the night, and possible the semester:
After a long night of dancing, my feet were killing me. I am not one to walk barefoot (too OCD) so my friend Jon offered me his flip flops. Well I just thought that was the sweetest thing ever, and proceeded to give him (okay, try to give him) a piggyback ride home! It was an epic failure, but one of the funniest things ever!
Shortly after this picture was taken, I passed out in my little twin size bed for the last time.


My mother came to pick me up early (ish) the next morning. I cannot lie. I had the WORST HANGOVER EVER. It's definitely karma, ya know, like the world's way of telling me I have done enough damage in D.C. and that my time is up. Anyways, the drive home was about 16 hours and the first 6 or so were really touch and go. I cannot even describe how terrible I felt.
Once I was able to see straight, my mom and I made a pit stop at a grocery store so I could stock up on some healthy fare for our cross country journey!
First up was this beast of a water bottle. The picture is deceiving. It was 50 ounces I believe. I obviously downed it in no time. I drank an additional 3 normal sized bottles as well. Dehydrated much?
Onto the snacks, after all, this is supposed to be a healthy food blog despite my ramblings about my not so healthy weekend activities. Let's take a closer look at how one can eat healthy on the road. For starters, invest in a cooler, because those veggies and bucket o' hummus are not going to keep themselves cool.For the record, I needed some veggies after my evening escapades and I downed the bag of carrots in one sitting with no problems :)I digress...make sure you purchase a variety of items, including the protein bar seen around the blogosphere...Luna Cookie Dough! Eat the yogurt immediately, because that stuff will smell rank...and make sure you are eating when you are hungry, not when you get bored!
In a bind, always choose Subway as your fast-food chain of choice. I personally stick to the veggie delight, extra veggies...but that is just me. ;) So finally, when you eventually get slapped with a sweet tooth that no amount of health bars or bags of veggies will cure...turn to your momma, who is always prepared, and brace yourself for the awesomeness that is Vitatops!!Try to refrain from eating the whole box because they are just that good, but understand that you have just been introduced to the mecca of all things chocolate and muffin! Whew, and when all is said and done, and you arrive after an epic journey that has taken you clear across the country in 2 days, stop and reflect.

Life is good and friends and experiences make it worth living to the fullest.

11 days and counting until the next adventure. Lots to do and organize in the meantime.

Until tomorrow


  1. I'm here from Jack Sh*t.

    Your food looks awesome, but I just can't do the vegetarian thing. I've tried in the past, but I never made it past the first day. :)

    I look forward to reading your blog.


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