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Monday, May 31, 2010

I want to vs. I have to...

The events of the past weekend have definitely changed my perception of my time in Europe. As you all know, the first two days here were rough to say the least and my day trip to Baden-Baden was a complete thrill. The highs and lows of the first week in Strasbourg have not gone by unnoticed. In looking at the big picture, I realized that the difference really comes down to the fact that I now look at this entire 6 weeks as something I want to do vs. something I have to do.
Polyculture at its finest.
Sunday morning brought some unpleasant weather but also the chance to partake in a "Discovering Alsace" tour provided by the university. The rain held off long enough for the group to tour around a small town called Rosheim. Lot's of photos were taken, but I am fond of the candid.
Our tour guide for the day is an assistant director at the SU Strasbourg center and he was excellent! Very knowledgeable about everywhere we toured and willing to take on as many questions as we had. As we approached our second stop, and lunch, I had a fitness/nutrition blogger geek session when I realized our bus was being diverted because of a local triathlon! I was so excited and distracted by the runners approaching the finish line I almost lost my group! Eek!

We ate lunch in Obernai, France at a restaraunt called "La Halle aux Bles". I had the vegetarian option (the pictures did not turn out). You can use your imagination for this though: picture a pound of butter with a side of vegetables, oh and bread of course :). The other veg-heads and I were joking about how the vegetarian option was more filling than the omnivore's dish!

The third stop on our excursion led us to the top of a huge mountain where we came upon a chateau-fort from the middle ages!

The view from the top was breathtaking. I am convinced that no camera, no matter the cost, could ever capture the scene we had a chance to take in. Here is my feeble attempt though just to give you an idea.
The town where the chateau is located is called Haut-Koenigsbourg.

On the way back to the bus I found a health store! Who knew that the people in the mountains of France loved protein powder and health bars as much as I do?!?
The last stop of the day was by far my favorite! I went to my first wine tasting in Blienschwille on the "Route du vin" (road of wine). We were taught the basics of tasting wine and were offered 5 different kinds to try. Not to worry, I bought two bottles for my host mom and I to enjoy over some fine food.
I tend to prefer fruitier white wines over full-bodied red wines and therefore purchased a Pinot Gris and a Grand Bru Winzenberg. They are both delicious! I returned home after a 12 hour day absolutely exhausted. My host mom graciously fed me and then sent me to bed :). I slept like a rock.

I really do love it here. Since moving beyond the initial adjustment period and culture shock I have really come into my own here. I feel very comfortable now and I can even start to notice an improvement in my French skills! Score!!

Okay, I must race to class now, but I want to leave you all with my favorite picture of the day:

(A glass of wine is good. But a glass of wine from Alsace is better!)

Until next time,

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