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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Attitude!

Hi everyone!
So sorry to have started off my jaunt to Strasbourg on such a downer note. That is not to say that the first 48 hours were not the scariest and most out of my element I believe I have ever been, but I think there is something to be said about the power of positive thinking. Therefore, I am coming to you live, from my apartment, with clothes, shoes, and all ready to show you the town!

I have not done extensive sightseeing yet, as I have class chaque jour from 9AM-10:30 and 2PM-3:30. But, I have taken advantage of my morning break and done some walking around. This includes plenty of wrong turns and misreadings of my map, but hey, I am a fresh transplant so I am still learning the ropes...and the language!

Here are some snapshots of my humble abode avec tous mes choses! (with all of my things). My dresser and mirror. The desk, complete with a fresh rose, and pictures from home. My closet with all of the clothing I brought (aren't you proud...that is all of it!)

My favorite part is by far the balcony. Because I am situated on the fourth floor (walkup!) the view is incredible. Perfectly Parisian with a touch of German influence. The comfortable bed comes in close second to the balcony though. ;)
Oh, and thank goodness for earplugs and eyemasks because I sleep with the balcony window open for fresh air and the pidgeons just love to make noise at all hours. Coupled with the fact that it does not get dark until nearly 10PM (I am very far north) and gets light around 5AM I would be so sleep deprived without my little eye pillow! Good call mom!

Once upon a time this little place was home to a food blog. Remember those days of intricate meals?! They are but a distant memory now that my food options are drastically different and almost completely out of my control, but since my host mom slept in this morning I was able to sneak in some breakfast pictures! Prepare yourself for carb overload!Breakfast was a fresh croissant and a small peach. (oh and major caffeine withdrawal :( with no Starbucks in sight) Don't let that cup fool you. Although my host mom does have a coffee machine it produces close to one OUNCE of coffee per filter. I have been dragging...and I know why!

In other news, once I started taking pictures today I just couldn't stop! Lunch was a 5 euro bio (organic) vegetarian sandwich that was more bread than anything else.I also bought a fresh cup of fruit (just apples and strawberries) that escaped the camera.

After lunch and an afternoon session of class I took myself on a sightseeing tour of Strasbourg. It is supposed to be rainy and gross the rest of the week, so I knew today was the day to see the town! C'est moi in front of the Council of Europe!
My first gelato experience of the trip! Which did I choose??Tiramisu! It was rich and creamy and oh so decadent. A perfectly refreshing treat after an exhausting day.

Something from the kitchen smells awfully good right now. My tummy is rumbling!
Until next time,


  1. Looks like you're having a good time so far. I love Strasbourg. I was fortunate enough to spend some time there when I was younger and living in Europe. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

    I'm a new follower..I came over from Jack Sh*t's place.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful place. I'm enjoying living vicariously through your posts:D

  3. wow I'm jealous! Take me next time!


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