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Friday, May 28, 2010

Faire la lessive! (Do the laundry!)

This day is entertaining for so many reasons. For starters, I ate another huge chunk of le pain for breakfast along with German yogurt! Now, as a vegetarian I really do not consume that much dairy, apart from my cute little Laughing Cow Wedges, so eating a carton of dairy first thing in the morning was not pleasant but I was desperate for something other than bread! It was mango flavored and even contained little pieces of fruit in the container. C'mon, how does one say no?

I went to class as planned at 9:00AM and concluded the morning seminar with an announcement that we did not have to come back for the afternoon class! I knew I needed to get some things accomplished to feel like "me" again and so I promptly headed out for a solo excursion to le supermarche. I purchased very little, mostly snacks to tide me over between meals. But I must mention that I also grabbed some fresh goodies for lunch because 1. I need to stop eating entire french baguettes mid-day and 2. because it is a lot cheaper than buying french baguettes every day! I made lunch at home today after returning from my first ever run in a foreign country! Cross that off my bucket list! :) I took my map of Strasbourg with me to avoid getting lost and ended up covering a lot of le centre ville. Although I walked a good portion of the time, I still managed to cover 3.60 miles in 54 minutes. But now I have killed two birds with one stone. Navigating the town will be much easier now and I scoped out some great running paths!
I concluded lunch the only way I know how to these days...avec un petit pain smeared with Nutella! And then, to distract myself from eating the entire jar in one sitting I conquered one of my biggest obstacles in Strasbourg.
The Laundry
The washer is cute enough right?After my host mom explained how to use it, in French mind you, I loaded this baby up and proceeded to fiddle with all of the buttons for a solid ten minutes. Once it started I realized it was going to take a hour and a half to wash my clothes so I packed up my things and headed to the SU center to get some reading done. When I returned, it looked like this outside: Clearly not the best weather to line dry clothes. But did I think about that? No of course not. I proceeded to hang everything off the 4th floor balcony and relish in my accomplishment. When I finally got around to looking up I realized my fool's errand and promptly began removing said things (all while praying I did not drop anything because it is a long way down). In conclusion, my room now looks like this:
One day soon, I too will have clean, dry clothes. When that happens I will surely let you all know. In the meantime, can we just acknowledge how grateful I am to not have put this chore off until everything was dirty? Then what would I wear?!?

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