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Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting Lost

I swear I was productive today...at least for a couple of hours. Once I hit my peak...I crashed, right into my bed, where I have been watching LOST ever since.

Before that happened, I woke up and ate a light breakfast. Simply a piece of toast with almond butter and a hard-boiled egg. Just the whites though. We like to save the yolks around here for the puppies. It makes their fur soft and fluffy.

Anyways, I did a spin class at noon today. It has been at least 6 months since I have done a cycling class, and mon Dieu that shizz was bananas! I really went to work out the tension in my hamstrings, but go figure, they are still tight. I came home famished (and drenched in sweat...TMI? I think not), so I clearly made lunch in my towel. Priorities.
This may look bland, but I assure you it was not. Inside that little bundle of love was a magical combination. 1/2 can tuna, scoop of plain greek yogurt, a laughing cow wedge, and spinach. I inhaled it. With carrots and hummus.
After said meal, I managed to finally finish registering for summer school and contact the right people at Syracuse to make sure that the credits will appear on my transcript, alert the bank of my travel plans so they don't freak out when they see purchases from France, speak to my abroad adviser to ensure everything is ready to go, and organized my gmail! Whew.

I intended to follow all of this up with a job hunt around Little Rock, but my laziness got the best of me. Instead, I crashed big time and watched roughly 5 episodes of Lost. It is a sickness I tell ya. But, I cannot be the only one out there that thinks watching TV episodes back to back is far superior than watching just 1 a week. It always leave you wanting more, and well, I can't stand that.

Despite my kicked up metabolism, I managed to NOT snack my way through the afternoon! Dinner snuck in around 6, between episodes. I could not think of what to eat, so I went with an old favorite. Old fashioned oatmeal with apples! I photographed the ingredients rather than listing them because they were already sitting so nicely on my countertop. Those things, plus 1/2 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup water. When brought together create magic.There are oats under that flax meal and almond butter, I promise. Just look closer...There they are!

Alright, so after snacking on an unpictured FrOzEn Luna Cookie Dough Bar (aka heaven), and copious amounts of foam rolling, heating pad love, and stretching, I am off to bed. Yes, it is 9:30, but I have a 5k to run in the morning and I want to be on my game! I plan on using my race time as an indicator to plan my half-marathon training schedule when I get back from Strasbourg.

Speaking of which, 1 week from today I will be sitting on a plane headed for the biggest adventure of my life!
Until Tomorrow

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  1. I tried my first spinning class today and it was love at first sight!

    those oats look great! very artsy and tasty looking lol


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