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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Work and Class? Oh My!

I hope everyone is well. I am pooped. I could not get into a deep sleep last night to save my life. I gave up around 6AM and decided that if I was going to be up that early it should at least count for something. So I did a yoga class from my favorite yoga site yogadownload.com. It was great and really set my mind right for the rest of the day. After I showered and groomed for work, I made breakfast and lunch. I needed a dense breakfast because I knew I would be drowsy, which has always been a trigger for me to overeat. To tide me over during the morning hours I made a bowl of organic oats with chia seeds, almond milk, a small spoonful of peanut butter, and a sprinkle of TJ's almond granola around the side so y'all would see something different! I also drank that cup of coffe x2! While sipping on my cups of joe and a bigass glass of ice water, I scrounged this up for lunch. I used a whole wheat tortilla wrap, the other half of my black beans from earlier in the week, lettuce, a schmear of hummus, and 1/3 of an avocado. I packed some TJ's mild salsa on the side so there would be more color :) I also took the opportunity to pack up snacks for the rest of the day. Cue a Mojo bar (so good!), string cheese, an apple, and 2 packets of tea. I only ate the cheese and the Mojo bar though because instead of staying in the office all day I got to leave at 1:45 and go to an event across town. I went here and saw a panel discussion on the role of the United States in the newly formed Human Right's Commission. I learned a lot about stuff I really had not studied previously. Fancy right?
The event let out at 4, so I actually got back to my apartment a little early today! Good thing because it is allowing me to sneak in blogging before class.
I whipped up the rest of last night's frozen veggies for dinner at 5! (ugh so early and I know I will be hungry after class but I have no choice). Green goodness!
I also cut up a squash and roasted it. Smothered in ketchup, as always.
In all, I think I have eaten a lot of fat today (good fat, but fat nonetheless.) I still feel in control. The key will be to not mindless snack after class. I plan to just put myself to bed nice and early!
P.S. Happy Fat Tuesday! I hope at least one of you dear readers goes out partying tonight! As for me, my body is still in recovery mode.

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