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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowpocolypse Part Deux

Alright, enough is enough. I do love snow days, I mean no work, no school...it is not a rough life. But now I am starting to just feel bleh. I found out around 9 last night that I did not have work today. So what did I do? Oh, I jumped in the shower, threw on a cute outfit, and hit up the bars! It was a very entertaining night that includes plently of Marines and snowed in motorcycle rides! Vroom Vroom! I also took the time to actually hang out with some fellow interns and branch out of my little Syracuse bubble. It was interesting. We will just leave it at that.
Apparently my poor body was tired, (wonder why!) so I slept until almost noon again! :) Yes, we could look at this as a waste of a perfectly good morning, but with no work, no classes, and me trying to not damage my back account too significantly this early in the semester, sleeping just seemed the like best option. When I finally got around to getting out of bed, I made some PB&J oats. I never do this, but I should more often! Oh, and if you look closely at my photography skillz, I ate it right out of the pot to save on dishes. College style.
Somehow I found the willpower to go to the gym today, and I am so glad I did. I ended up having a very intense weight lifting session followed by 15 minutes on the dredmill. I know I will be sore tomorrow, but that is the price you pay for slacking. After I hit the showers, my craving for something green hit. I whipped up a small salad with 2 clementines and some poppy seed dressing. It looks deceiving, as there was something off about the flavors. Oh well. Unsatisfied, I rummaged around the kitchen and came up with some organic tomato soup (love) and a piece of whole wheat toast with vegan butter spread. Now that is more like it. Classically delish.
I guess I am off to clear out my google reader for the rest of the afternoon because the snow has started to fall again. I am going stir crazy! I am not good at being this unproductive for such long periods of time. BUT, I will embrace it because I am sure I will be whining about having too much to do oh so soon.

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