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Friday, February 26, 2010

"A Pound of Prevention is Worth More Than an Once of Cure"

...which is how I justified my trip to Whole Foods today. ;)
But let me back up to yesterday for a second. I tried to post, but once again, this shitty internet provider let me down. I'm ovaa it. Thursday's are my traveling seminar class where we go around DC and meet with people. Each week has a different theme, and yesterday it was Capitol Hill day! We met with some interesting (read:snooooze) people and blah blah blah. I sweat my butt of because that is how I live my life and managed to snag a picture of myself in front of my Congressman's office! Holla at your constituents! (Ignore my horrible attempt to be mildly funny)
I was absolutely wiped out when I got home and just wanted to lay down because I was so cranky. But then...MY GLOBARS ARRIVED!!!! Actually the highlight of my day! It took every fiber of willpower I have ever had to not tear into one. I restrained, put them in my cabinet, and promised myself one for breakfast.
Since I don't work on Friday's I usually go out on Thursday nights. But, in keeping with this whole "get back to a good place" kick that I am on, I stayed in and it was lights out before midnight. I woke up around 8 and headed straight for this...O M G...I totally understand why Glo Bakery is a success. The bar was wonderful! It was the perfect breakfast. Immediately following, I digested a little and scowered my kitchen. I was out the door by 9AM for my first run outside in DC. Apparently I didn't think it through too much though because it was effing windy and so cold. But getting out of the door is over half the battle so I just embraced it! I ran for a little under an hour and I am very pleased with my pace considering the conditions. I estimate I completed around 3.5 miles. When I got home I took my first stab at 13 yoga poses for runners and I think it will help with some of the soreness that I assume is headed my way.
The highlight of this perfect Friday has to be my trip to Whole Foods. I wanted to buy some specialty items that I keep drooling over on all the food blogs I read. I know it is ridiculously expensive, but I would honestly rather spend my money on what goes into my body rather than what is on it (i.e clothes, makeup, accessories). There: JUSTIFIED :) Check out my bounty!!! I purchased several baking basics since I am going to try out some new recipes this weekends. I also purchased a massive assive amount of spinach and kale. Never too much of a good thing right?
The highlight, and biggest splurge (beside Mary's crackers {almost $5 really??} they better taste like gold) was this beautiful jar of peanut butter! I can't wait to try this on anything and everything. Must resist not eating it out of the jar.
So now I am home, with a fulled stocked fridge and pantry. I intend to finish this lovely Friday with as much enthusiasm as I started it with. I have a meeting with my program director at 2 to figure out what the hell I am going to do post-college, and then I am going to SCRUB the bathroom and bedroom.I am also going to try my hand at vegetable soup tonight! Now, I know it will be NOTHING compared to my Dad's (it is my grandma's recipe), but it is cold and icky enough that it just sounds yummy. If y'all have any tips, please please please post a comment. I am not the wisest of cooks.
Oh, and I want to leave a question before I go...
What is your favorite food item to splurge on?
Mine would be nut butters, obviously :)

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