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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Veggie Spaghetti and Accountability

Hello dolls!
Guess what's new here? That would be NADA! I am now on day 3 of no work and school. Kind of eerie coming from Syracuse where that is just plain unacceptable. So going with what is quickly becoming a new schedule (not something to be proud of) I woke up at 11 to make some brekkie. I woke up late because I went to hang out with some people in my apartment last night. Completely Sober. No alcohol touched my lips. For serious. BUT, that is not to say this boy did not consume his fair share. It was his 21st birthday after all. He was feeling patriotic since we live in the nations capitol now. :) God Bless America! It was interesting to watch from my perspective. Hilarious.
Onto food pictures! That's why y'all come right?! I knew I had plenty of time to plan my eats for today, because this is what it looks like outside my window.
In an effort to stay accountable I am about to blow up this blog with food pictures! Ready, Set, Go!
First up, a balanced breakfast of egg whites, shredded cheese, a banana, and a piece of toast with almond butter. Now that is filling. I also had 2 (yikes!) cups of coffee with skim organic milk to warm me up!
The meal held me until around three. My eating times are completely out of whack. I am aware, but I am working on it. (Maybe) For the next little while, I hung around and waited for the repair man to come and fix our living room heater and dishwasher. Score, because it is freezing here.
After some serious blog reading yesterday, I was in the mood to cook. I decided on vegetable spaghetti since I have a plethora of both and it would warm my tummy. It went something like this...
Big plate of chopped veggies of which I ended up just eating the carrots while sauteing the rest. I used a green and red pepper, onion, and a BUNCH of zucchini. After chopping for a little while, I minced some fresh garlic because I care like that. Then, I put both together in a pan with some olive oil, salt, and pepper and got to work. It smelled AMAZING! It makes me wish my blog was scratch and sniff. Yum. While my pasta was boiling (which was just boring enough to not take a picture of) I added my tomato sauce to the pan of veggies along with a can of chickpeas. I am not a big olive fan, but this stuff is pretty good. All together, my beauty came out something like this... I quickly set the table for some roomie linner (that is lunch and dinner combined) and we all sat down and had a cute little meal! Everyone seemed to really like it! I also have leftovers (SCORE) so I do not have to worry about a couple of meals later on.
Now, onto something slightly more serious. (w/ pictures) I do not know what has been wrong with me lately, but it seems like everytime I take a couple of steps forward in my health journey, I sabotage myself and leap right back. Exhibit A, my late night binges have resurfaced. I am not proud, and I know that people I know are reading this, so it is not something I really want to share, but this is the place where I hold myself accountable so I am putting it out there. Today, when I woke up, I promised myself that I would be in control. But I have not been. Following a healthy portion of my spaghetti, I ate a large amount of these dunked in this It's like I just lose it. Then, I ate three of these and of course NOW, after the fact, I feel gross and guilty.
I can't decide if I am doing this to compensate for another area of my life where I feel like something is missing or whatever or if it is something completely different. All I know is that being open about it is the best way for me to get my shit under control. So if you actually read this, welcome to my stream of consciousness where I try to get my act together.
I am going to do my best to eat light the rest of the day and not let one meal slip up ruin everything. I still plan to do my power yoga series in a minute and maintain as much control over my body as I can.
I'll let y'all know how it goes, one day at a time.
P.S. If y'all know me personally and are reading this, please do not talk to me about it. It is something very personal that I do not like to share with the people I see on a daily basis. Thanks


  1. Yeah- I also don't like it when people in my personal life read my blog- its odd right?

  2. Read my text--I am the one and only sister so I can comment on your blog privately through text

    Your food looks beautiful!! Especially the fruit and granola...Too bad the only granola I ever eat are the quaker chocolate peanut butter chewy bars (my favorite!!)

    I wish I liked more veggies, I think I would like your food more if I did.

    Must be nice to have such a snow vacation...wish I could say the same

    I am sooo jealous of you getting to sleep in everyday...I have to get up at 7:15 and allow an extra 30 minutes everyday to scrape off and dig out my car in the snow :(...

    I have been working out...4-6 miles a day..and I am now 3 weeks cigarrete free! (well, I've had 1 in 3 weeks, not bad though)...so slowly but surely I am making life changes...now if I could just get my eating under control (read the text I just sent you, you will totally understand what I mean)...

    I feel like I just posted a mini blog on your blog

    Anyways, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog....Now i understand your mysterious food ways much better....I am very proud of you and can't wait to come visit!

    Your sissyyyyy


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