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Monday, February 22, 2010

Groceries Groceries Everywhere!

Oh how I have missed you all!
I tried blogging yesterday but my stupid internet would not load my pictures! grrrr.
Anyways, I am here now, and thats what really counts right?
I have seen several blog posts dedicated to what people buy at the grocery store, and I for one think it is fascinating. I have been OBSESSED with all things Trader Joe's since moving to DC (if you could not already tell). I am quickly depleting my bank account in this new city, so in an effort to save some dough (bad food pun?) I did not go grocery shopping for, gasp, 12 days! I almost died. Not really, but my craving for greens was getting out of control. Restaurant eats are nice and all, but sometimes you just need a green monster ya know?
After an epically long Friday night, where lots of entertaining shenanigans went down and not enough sleep was had, I woke up around ten thirty and dragged my coffee less butt to the metro. I had one helva grocery list and I spent way to much money, but look at the goodies I came back with! Three HEAVY HEAVY bags! I legit received stares on the metro. Honestly, some people just do not understand how precious goodies are from TJ's.
Okay, so I unloaded my loot and laid it allllll out on the counter for y'all to check out. I really can't list it all (because we would be here for hours) but some of my new goodies from this picture include whole-wheat flat breads and Balela... 3 (yes, good things come in 3's) tubs of Hummus! I am really excited about the Twigs, Flakes, and Clusters after seeing them on another blog last week. They are going to make a mean yogurt bowl.
That schep was exhausting. After putting everything away, I grabbed some toast (ahem post Friday night that was about all I could handle) and opened a package I received in the mail. Guess what came??? YES! I am so excited to read this book! I am about 30 pages in and I cannot put it down! Which I didn't, until I passed out and took a nap for a couple of hours :)
Since my cousin's birthday was that night, I peeled myself out of bed and skipped across town to a new restaraunt for her birthday. Here are three family members in one room. A rarity, trust me. I love spending time with family. Helps set the priorities straight.
Okay, I promised myself some quality time with the elliptical tonight, so I'm off!

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