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Thursday, February 11, 2010

One thing at a time.

Hello from the trap that is this apartment!
This would make day 5 of nothingness. Whew, it is exhausting. Classes were once again canceled, (who saw that one coming??) so in an effort to not actually waste away in this town, I woke up at 10 today not 11. Baby steps, baby steps. When I stepped into the kitchen, I knew exactly what was on tap for breakfast. GREEN MONSTER and coffee! Liquids galore!
This is weird, but I only took a picture of some of the ingredients. Clearly, I had not drank the coffee yet. Besides the pictured stuff, I also used 3 huge pieces of kale and the rest of my fresh blueberries :( I only used 1/2 of the yogurt in an effort to cut back on my expensive grocery bills. Today's green monster was the first I have ever made that I did not love. The taste was fine, but the consistency, well...let's just say I may have gone overboard with the apple sauce. :/ Yea...moving on...
I spent my morning uploading an enormous amount of pictures for my mom, hung out with the roomies and planned my workout. About an hour into this, I realized I was still a little hungry, so I grabbed this little guy which I tried for the first time last week and fell in love with. I am completely aware of how late I am to this obsession in the blogging community, but whateves I am just glad I know about this company now! I threw about half of a packet on a piece of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread with 1/2 a banana. Perfect pre-work out snack. I waited about 45 mins for that to settle and then banged this out on the tredmill. Look at those stats! That was a great workout!
I don't know whats up with my body today, but by the time I got back, I was hungry again. Maybe it is because I am actually practicing portion control today? Anywho, I snacked on these little cuties while I cooked up some oats! Highlight of the day...I remembered to save my empty peanut butter jar! Score one for Jenn and my BAMF oatmeal today. Mmmm...melty goodness.... I threw in like 10 chocolate chips, some chia seeds, and a tiny handful of TJ's almond granola. This is by far my favorite meal of all time. I said it and I mean it! I also finished off this morning's greek yogurt. Post glorious meal, I showered, and spent 45 mins on the phone with Apple trying to figure out why my Iphone freaks out every time I try to listen to my Ipod while working out. I hope I fixed it because the lady had me restore it to factory settings and reload everything. Grr.... moving on. I got baby hunger pains around the end of this annoying process so I made up a veggie plate with (gasp!) measured portions of hummus and taziki sauce. I have no control around a tub of hummus btw... Post snack, my roomie and I had a little painful bonding time by getting our eyebrows done. We look like ladies again, but good Lord, that shit hurts.
I just ate my leftover veggie spaghetti and now I am just hanging out, blogging, and contemplating schoolwork. (eh, that is going to have to wait until tomorrow)
As for everything else, well today I am focused on listen to my body and treating it the right way. That means back to basics with portion control, measuring, and the whole 9 yards. One thing at a time...but I already feel so much better to be back under control. I realized yesterday after I posted that living with 3 other people has triggered some of my unhealthy habits. It becomes so easy to compare ourselves to others and think we are not good, pretty, hot, smart enough such that food becomes a way to blanket those uncomfortable feelings. I love my roommates, but I can not and will not eat like them. I can only control me, and I must remember that am good enough.

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