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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Un Petit Dessert

Whew, I just finished writing my paper! I busted that thing out in 3 days and I could not be more relieved to have it done. Technically I still have to edit it and whatnot before Friday afternoon, but I have a draft and that is what matters.

In other news, prepare to feast your eyes on some pretty spectacular food porn. The host mom is stepping up her game here in the last week. I think she has just thrown caution to the wind...

Le diner le demain soir
(1/2 avocado in a balsamic reduction for an appetizer.)
Despite the fact that it was hot has hell in Strasbourg yesterday, the host mom deicded to use the oven. When she pulled out the main course I guess I looked a little shocked...(An entire fish.)
She asked why my mom never cooked one for me. All I could think was "it's a shame y'all didn't get to meet. If you had, you would know exactly why my mom has never gutted and cooked a whole fish." (My mom is just a little high maintenance...love you, mom!)(My plate: a green salad with spinach!, fish de mer, green beans, and potatoes.)
Apparently, the host mom has never tried potatoes and ketchup. Don't worry, I fixed that.

Dessert was just as it should be on a hot summer night.
(Farm-fresh strawberries.)(1/2 diced mango! My favorite!)

After a second sticky nights-sleep in a row, I awoke, dropped to the floor for 5 minutes of yoga stretches and prepared myself for another schweaty schweaty day.
Pour le petité dejeuner, j'ai mangeé
(1 peach, 4 strawberries, 3 slices of bread with peanut butter and raspberry jam, and 1 lone raspberry from the host mom's plant.)
Then I was off to the European Court of Human Rights to watch a real live court case! I witnessed one of the best lawyers I have ever seen deliver a profound argument about crucifixes hanging in public classrooms in Italy. He basically said that the issue being discussed was irrelevant and that the Italian government should spend its resources teaching tolerance and acceptance of all religions rather than dealing with court cases.

I was going to head straight to Le Centre-Ville to do some damage to my credit card after court, but something compelled me to go back to the apartment and work on my paper instead. I wrote another 3 pages before feasting on lunch.(An entire bag of mixed greens, tomato, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, and carrots. Oh and some bread for good measure.)
(A mini chocolate bar goes a long way when writing a paper.)
(Snacked on some strawberries from the farmer's market during the second class of the day.)

I then sat my butt in front of the computer the entire afternoon and early evening to finish this God-forsaken paper. I made a deal with myself. I said "Self. Let's have a chat. You know this is not going to get any easier and it MUST be completed before Friday. So let's just pull ourselves out of this pity party and do the damn thing!" And then...I did it! Woohoo! 14 pages and 4250 words later I have my freedom back!!!

The host mom was oh so proud. So she fed me dinner.(A colorful spread of summer salad, salmon, beets!, white asparagus!, quinoa, spinach, and special tomatoes.)
Special tomatoes you say....These are a delicacy from what I am told. They are called des tomate ananas (pineapple tomatoes). They are slightly sweeter than the red vine ones we normally eat. That was the only real difference I tasted.
I was unprepared for dessert tonight. The host mom did not give me fair warning. May I present the Alsatian answer to ice-cream cake. That is three layers of glacé: vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate.
The ice-cream is sandwiched in between 2 layers of wafer cake and topped with whip cream.
I told y'all I was unprepared.
Needless to say, I filled up on my veggies at dinner and was only able to finish half. It's nice to have a cold treat to look forward to tomorrow as it is supposed to be another hot one!

I am off to relax and hit the hay early. I want to get up and run in the morning before class and the inevitable meltdown that will come mid-day.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of whatever I decided to buy with my hard earned Euros!

Until then,


  1. Great job on finishing that paper. Now it is done and no more worrying! :)

    Ah, but that ice cream cake looks amazing. Way better than any I have seen! mmm

  2. gahhhh! i'm drooling. pineapple tomatoes? and that cake! lol i'm such a little foodie nerd :)


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