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Friday, June 18, 2010

Greek in Germany!

Bonne soir tout le monde!
It's Friday! which also means it is the end of my 4th week here in Strasbourg. My how time flies...I will be home before I even have time to take in all of this incredible experience. The first week of the Human Rights course has been very interesting. No one seems to agree on much in the class, whether it be regarding "banning the burka," or "the gypsy roma problem across Europe." The classes are draining mentally, so I find that going on a run after class really helps clear my head. Today, I did 2.41 miles in 25:25. :)

Tonight, I was invited out by the same grad students who made the end of my Paris trip so wonderful! One of the girls is actually from Germany, so when they suggested we cross the Rhine River and go to Kehl for dinner I was so excited!
The town as a whole looks relatively new compared to Strasbourg. We think it is because of where Kehl is situated. If you know anything of the long and complicated battle between France and Germany over the territory surrounding Strasbourg, than the modern buildings should come as no surprise. I am fairly certain that at some point throughout history the town was probably bombed to the extent that the buildings needed to be reconstructed.

(I am holding up a "1" sign because this was the "only" pretty place we found in Kehl.) It is nice though right?! :)

So, as for the motivation behind this spur of the moment jaunt across the border...Food bien sûr!
We dined at a quaint Greek restaurant called...well, whatever that menu says!
I relied completely on my friend to order for me, I am not going to lie! It's kind of cool to be that far out of your element though! I ordered #50 which says something along the lines of greek salad.
Oh, and you know I had to try the local beer! It was a little too sweet for my taste, but decent enough for the moment. By the way, do you see the size of that glass?! Only 3 euros! Things are so much cheaper in Germany than France!
I also ordered an appetizer of Taziki sauce, mostly because there was no hummus to be found (don't worry, I even had my friend ask the waiter for it in German!)
My "salad" ended up being an authentic greek salad, which means doused in oil and served with huge chunks of feta cheese. It was a little to heavy for me, so I only ate about half. Luckily, I had fabulous dinner companions, so the less than stellar meal was quickly forgotten.

At least now I can say I went to a different country for dinner right?!? Haha too cool!

I'm off to bed! Tomorrow the grad students and I are taking a day trip to the Black Forest! I can't wait!!

Until Tomorrow,

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