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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Un-Convential Breakfasts

I had quite an interesting breakfast this morning.

(Petit Pain Chocolat)
You see, the host mom brought home one of these but I just couldn't handle that much sugar at 9AM. It was not happening. Since we don't have the fixings for a Green Monster (only in my dreams at this point!) I went with the next best thing. No, you are not looking at lunch or dinner...this was actually my breakfast.(A bed of quinoa layered with pineapple tomatoes and smoked salmon.)

Although this was not the most appetizing option at that hour, I went with it. I am glad too because it kept me full long enough to get through my first class of the day and walk to a cute little restaurant called Patrick's. I had never eaten there before but I have stopped in on occasion because they are the only place within walking distance of the SU center with to go cups for coffee! Granted the cups are the size of espresso shots, but in a bind it does the trick.
(Shrimp and Avocado salad)

Following lunch, I walked around the area in search of the same farmer's market I went to on Tuesday to get my dried mango fix. No luck today, but I did manage to find a fresh fruit stand on the make-up melting (aka HOT) walk back to class.
(Cherries, a peach, and a camera shy apricot).

Not to worry, I polished off that fruit before my second class even got underway. :)

My shopping trip was once again postponed because I could not fathom walking around in the heat. Instead, I came back to the apartment, took a nice cold bath, and edited my paper.
(74% cocoa organic dark chocolate)

Now that the paper is officially out of my life it is time to celebrate! While getting ready for my night out on the town, the host mom popped by my room to show me what she has been growing all summer.
(The first strawberries off of her plant!)

She also surprised me with un cadeau (gift)!
Dior lipstick, yes please!! She is really too sweet! I will be sure to snap some pictures tonight of me rocking out in my new lip color :)

And with that it is time to live it up for the next 48 hours! I can't believe this is all going to be over soon. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the Little Rock airport, scared beyond words for what was coming next. Moreover, this trip has been 2 years in the making, so it will be bizarre to not have anything dangling in the future anymore.

I can't dwell on that now though. I'll save those sappy thoughts for another day! Gotta run!

Question: Do you ever eat unconventional breakfasts? I mean something really off the wall? Today was about as far out there as I have gone, but at least it tasted good!

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