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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Catchy title, huh?
We need to catch up on the food front I think. There have been a lot of posts about travel and life lately, and none about just food. I am here to ameliorate that. Therefore I invite you all to ohh and ahh over my and my host mom's (mostly my host mom, which for my fingers' sake will be referred to as HM in this post) creations over the past few days. We begin with a summer salad, tabouli with fresh vegetables (tomatoes and onion from what I can decipher) and a tofu vegetable stir fry (red peppers, mushroom, onion).
A light dessert of strawberries and bananas with homemade whipped cream on top! My HM actually poured milk and a couple of cubes of ice (which she has never told me she has!!!) and blended away in the Arkansas Razorback cup I bought her as a housewarming gift.
At some point since returning from Paris, I ventured over to the Jewish grocery store to replenish my hummus supply. They were out (not cool.) so I picked up these wafer bars instead. Kosher and 100 calories each....these will not last long.
Hot mug of coffee with soy milk, which, by the way, gets extra frothy when you put it in before the coffee pours into your cup.
Served alongside a classic bowl of oats. Nothing y'all haven't seen a thousand times before. They are just soo good every time!
Meals on the run (aka eaten at school) include a petite hummus and lettuce sandwich. I had ulterior motives making this though...
My motive= the hummus container. I finished it off with the sandwich and made my own to-go container because I am to cheap to buy one here! The picture is of leftover tofu and tabouli. I think I like it better cold. This seriously hit the spot yesterday and kept me full for a solid amount of time.

Dinner last night was eaten solo because my HM had a prior engagement. I told her she could take the night off from cooking but she insisted. Here is what I found waiting for me in the kitchen. Mind you, this is a meal for one person.
Yes, that is a lot of food! It was mostly leftovers, which I have been working through for days, but it also included a gorgeous tomato, mozzarella, and basil salad, and that white thing. I was beyond confused as to what this was. Let's take a closer look...
I was scared, y'all. It is just so white. So I did what any normal person would do...I broke out the white french bread to taste!
Turns out it was eggs! Who knew?!? HM is crazy! Those eggs were covered in what I assume is half and half (or any other type of really thick milk you can imagine.) I could not force that down. At least I had the tabouli salad in the background for a back-up meal. Good thinking HM. Provide 2 meals in case I don't like one. Y'all see why I like her now?!

Alright. Onto today's eats. I started with a fresh fruit plate and a greek yogurt/oatmeal combo for dippage.

Lunch was another infamously mediocre SU picnic. I am not sure who decided this constitutes a meal, but whateves.
I snagged a plate of fruit (melon and strawberries) alongside 2 small slices of bread, a nibble of cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, and radishes. I attempted to make a sandwich out of this but it was an epic fail.

Dinner tonight included my HM's company. We talked politics and about her work at a children's rehabilitation center. She does really wonderful work. I assume my french is progressing quite nicely since I was able to carry on this conversation without getting too confused. Anyways, the food.
A summer salad, a lentil concoction that smelled divine (I think there was garlic in the mix), more radishes (!), and smoked salmon. I added leftover tabouli to the plate after this picture, but I think y'all have seen enough of that for one post.

Whew. So there you have it. All caught up! I managed to do an hour of yoga today so I am feeling nice and flexible for my scheduled run in the morning. 3 miles or bust! Gotta counter the food intake somehow!
Catch ya on the flipside!

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  1. Hey chica...kudos on carrying a whole convo in french...I always wanted to learn it.

    Those egg do not look bueno lol


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