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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The List

I have been sitting at my computer for the past 2 hours trying to plan an itinerary for Paris this weekend. It is overwhelming to say the least, as it can not all be seen and done in one trip. I have my thoughts narrowed down, but I know I will not get to do it all. Fortunately, I have been to the city of love once before on a family vacation, so some of the biggest tourist attractions need not be visited again.(Le Tour Eiffel will be conquered again though, not to worry. Living on a fourth floor walk-up has adequately prepared me to conquer the climb to the top! p.s. I am in the blue t-shirt.)
(Breakfast #1 was a failed attempt at overnight oats. I used greek yogurt instead of milk because I am special.)
Although I am traveling with a group of 5 other students, I expect that we will not want to do and see the same things. As such, I have packed my cell-phone (with plenty of minutes) and mace in case I decide to explore the city on my own.
(Breakfast #2=success. Fruit salad with an unpictured piece of bread and peanut butter.)
We are staying at a two star hotel in the Latin Quarter, so the location is ideal. After seeing the Paris metro map, I am a wee but intimidated. But if I can figure out one metro (DC) I can figure them all out! I've been studying. :) As to be as prepared as possible, I have listed the metro stops of each place I want to visit on my master tour guide that I created. (NERD ALERT.)
(Tofu and veggies atop carrot salad.)
I packed everything I will need for the weekend in my school backpack. If you know my mother (hi mom!), then you know the gene pool I come from, and therefore understand what a feat this is. Literally, I am only taking what is on my back. How liberating is that idea?! We are only staying two days, but I like to have things around me, so this is very out there pour moi.
(Snack: slice of whole wheat bread topped with a little bit of peanut butter and nutella.)
As for the master list, well, y'all should just see it. It is a mess of ideas, times, locations, prices, and fun tidbits about each location courtesy of Frommer's.
(Dinner: green salad, leftover carrot salad, radishes, mushrooms, tomatoes with feta, a taste of spinach pasta, and a slice of toast.)
The "dream list" highlight's include the Museé d'Orsay, Napolean's Tomb, Sacré Coeur, La Sainte-Chapelle, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Panthéon, Hôtel de Ville, Moulin Rouge, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. What can I say, I am ambitious and willing to go beyond the point of exhaustion. :)
(Dessert: Glace! Also known as ice-cream and the perfect after dinner treat to cool me down after a hot hot hot day.)
I am as organized as one can be when traveling sans technology. I have written out what it vital to remember. Hopefully, this will save me some time navigating the streets. I kind of feel like I am preparing for a race. The prep work, laying out everything I need, double checking my tickets, the early wake-up time (6AM!) ext... I even have the excited/nervous butterflies in my stomach. Paris is a big city, and although I am confident in my abilities to get around, sometimes I get overwhelmed. I just need to remember that I will be back some day (because I dream big!) so I don't have to do it all!(My host mom's flowers off the kitchen balcony.)
With that said, I wanted to thank you all for your concern about my banking situation. There are no new updates to report, which is honestly great news. I refuse to let it damper my stay here, and since I prepared some stow away cash for an emergency such as this, I am okay.
(L'île after a rainstorm.)
Alright, once this is posted I am off to bed (although I doubt sleep will come). I will be without technology for the next couple of days, so don't look for a post until sometime Sunday night or Monday if I am absolutely pooped (which, if you read the same list I did, is very likely!)
Au Revoir!

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