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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My 100th Post!!

Eek! I didn't even realize this momentous occasion until I opened my blogger account just now! I had intended to title this post "It is hard to choose a favorite," but I can't pass up the opportunity to celebrate just a little! I mean, this day was good to begin with, and this is just icing on le pain?! My host mom must have known today marked a turning point in my blogging life ;) because check out what was on the table for breakfast this morning! Un petit pain chocolat! A very thoughtful petite dejuner but I prefer to eat something other than straight crack, err, I mean sugar first thing in the morning. Anyways, the point is that it has icing, so I should have known that it would be screaming at me to eat it after class. So far, I have resisted. Let's hope I can keep it up.

For my actual breakfast I went with the same thing as yesterday.
A notable exception was the bread. It was wheat, for the record, and I am pretty sure it was baked about an hour before I sliced myself two pieces. I am aware there is no way to actually prove this, but it literally melted in my mouth. Absolutely divine. I resisted eating the loaf straight up. Is that an improvement, or evidence that this place is making me carb crazy?
I kept my handy dandy "water baby" by my side during breakfast and polished off about half of the bottle. I refer to it as a water baby because I have to cradle it in my hand like a child when I am walking. If I throw it in my purse it completely weighs me down and causes shoulder pain.

In between classes I decided to finally take this breakfast situation into my own hands. Y'all saw what I ate, and yet I was hungry a mere two hours later. Actually, not hungry, famished. So I went to the grocery store determined to find a more suitable alternative. LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!! I was so happy, y'all have no idea! That would be Greek yogurt, vanilla soy milk, instant oats, and almond slivers! Seriously, I found oats, soy milk, andddd greek yogurt?!?! How does one choose a favorite among them??

I blissfully returned to the SU center for my free lunch. We have picnics once a week, and although free, the choices were pretty much out of my control. I did what I could and threw together a vegetarian sandwich. Served on a whole wheat petit pain with goat cheese, cucumber slices and tomato. It left a lot to be desired. I also munched on some unpictured strawberries that were very good! I love in season fruit!

Following my afternoon class and a quick chat with mon professeur (I am pretty sure I nailed the paper and presentation!), I headed to Le Gare Central (train station) to print out my train tickets for Paris this weekend!!
I am so excited to go. There is so much to see and do that I know one weekend will not be enough. But if y'all have any personal favorite things to see or do, please leave a comment below!

Since I was already on the other side of town, I ran a couple of errands that included adding minutes to my French phone and stopping into another supermarché for gum. Because I am a food blogger, I can never pass up the opportunity to scour the aisles of a new grocery store. I was just browsing until I stumbled upon this...
...PEANUT BUTTER! Can you believe it?!? Me either!I promptly paid 4 freaking euros for the baby jar. At this point, I am just so excited to have a classic American breakfast tomorrow that I am not even going to let the fact that this contains added sugars in the form of HFCS bother me. I will savor each bite of my oatmeal in the morning, I can promise you that.

In other news, I bought my first souvenir of the trip today! Let's just call this a 100th post present shall we? I really wish the picture did this justice because I am absolutely in love.

It says "J <3 Strasbourg." Hehehe.

I am off to plan my weekend!
Au Revoir~


  1. Why is it that the best veggie sammies are from Subway? The ones I make at home, never taste as good as those lol

    HAPPY 100th!!!!!!! I can't wait to read 1000000000 more! =)

  2. Happy 100th post! I saw the comment you made on my brother's blog "Back to the Fridge" and came over to meet you!

    So exciting about being in Paris, lucky duck!!


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