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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Remember When?

Remember when graduation and the summer before college were filled with anxiety and nervous anticipation?(A summer salad of mixed lettuce, quinoa, tomato, carrot, and a dressing of watered down hummus. Served alongside a fresh roll of bread)

Remember when you spent that first night in the dorm? The feeling of being alone was so gripping and absolutely overpowering you wondered what exactly compelled you to move across the country without knowing a soul.
Remember when you made that first college friend and in a moment of clarity, realized it was going to be okay?(Post yoga snack: slice of nut bread, carrots, and hummus)

Remember when the need for a plan became overwhelming? The decisions about living abroad, your major, and graduation were always in the back of your mind.

Remember when you first applied to live abroad in France and someone actually gave you a scholarship to attend?

Remember when you had to turn it down because it just was not the right time?
(Dinner: 2 egg omelet alongside a summer salad with tomatoes and a light olive dressing.)

Remember when you decided to spend a semester in D.C. and once again apply to live abroad? The workload of fall semester coupled with all of the applications seemed never ending. Yet, you somehow managed to balance it all while having a great fall semester with friends.Remember when you realized the semester in D.C. was about so much more than just an internship? You were living, really living, without regrets or hesitation.
(Dinner roll)

Remember when adjusting became just a little bit easier?Remember when you sprinted for that flight to Paris only to be struck with an immediate fear that filled your entire body? You did not turn back.(Dessert: White french bread with raspberry jam and nutella.)

Remember when you landed in Strasbourg, without luggage or means of communication, yet you made it work?Remember when you realized it will all be over soon and the weight of the real world will come back with vengeance?Remember, although you do not know what comes next, life has a funny way of working itself out. Everything will be okay, because you believe it will. The road ahead is full of unknowns, yet it is the not knowing which makes life worth living.

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