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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A nice little Wednesday evening

So I finally broke my streak ventured out of the apartment on a weeknight. Really stepping up my game here in the 5th week, I know. What did I give up my plush bed, Franglish (french + english= franglish) conversations with the host mom, and high-speed internet for? The World Cup of course! But did I watch the USA game and all of its epic glory? Nope :) I went to watch Germany take down Ghana with my new German friend.

Fact: Watching the World Cup with Europeans is so much more intense than watching it with Americans.

Anyways, I texted the host mom to see if she would feed me earlier and luckily she agreed. Worth mentioning: I double triple checked my text message before sending it so I legit spent 15 minutes writing a text message in French only to have her walk in the door 5 minutes later. Also worth noting: I will miss her cooking for me once I go back to the states :(

Last nights dinner was a nice little mélange. (Tuna in {gasp!} oil, with basil {?}, and tomatoes)
(Summer salad of greens w/ olive oil dressing, cinnamon bread {YUM}, ratatouille, and carrot salad)
(Fresh mango in the summertime. Is there anything better?)
(Yes, when fresh mango is paired with fresh pineapple.)

That officially concludes the healthy part of the evening. After walking a solid mile to the bar to meet up with the crew, I realized their host families are not as baller as mine...so we ended up sitting down at a restaurant to watch the game so they could order dinner.
Fine by me because as luck would have it, the place we sat down at had a huge beer list to choose from. Lovely. I chose an Austrian brew called Edelweiss. It was a little on the heavy side, but I definitely drank two over the course of the night.
Needless to say, we had a really great time. We watched the game at an outside table since it was such a nice evening out.
It got pretty intense at some points, but Germany was able to pull through. Good thing, because I am pretty sure I would have needed to sedate my German friend had they lost. The night ended there and I walked home. I am noting this because I want y'all to see how creepy my street looks at night.
Yea, I keep mace in my hand. This shot scares the bejesus out of me.

Quick change of subject. Ready...go:

My parents are coming tomorrow and I can't wait! I took the day off of class (with permission) so I can hang with them and do all of the touristy things around Strasbourg I have not done yet. Saturday should be interesting to say the least. The university is taking us all on a day trip to the Struthof concentration camp. I am not excited by any means, but I believe it is something I need to see.

Until then, I need to put some serious time into the research aspect of my paper. The deadline is creeping and I have not done anything.

Catch y'all later!

(*I just read over this and really how spazzy I come off. There are just so many random things on my mind I can't help it! So I am posting it as is!)

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