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Monday, June 7, 2010

All the colors of the rainbow!

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had as lovely a Monday as I did. Breakfast this morning was an unhealthy spin on an old, healthy favorite. I have not been able to find any nut butters worth purchasing in France, so I improvised and used Nutella! (I need an intervention!) I also came up with this brilliant idea about 1/2 way through eating ma petite pain, so please excuse the fact that it looks like it has been ravaged. I am really hungry in the morning :)

Post-digestion, I frolicked to class where I gave my presentation on why the Industrialized Food Industry in the US presents a form of modern day structural violence. My interpretation of this course, entitled Conflict Resolution, was very different from the other students in class. Yet, everyone seemed receptive to what I had to say, so I left our morning session feeling accomplished.

I intended to go for a run, but something was feeling off with my back. As much as I could use the cardio to counter my bread intake, I decided to listen to my body and completed 40 minutes of self-guided yoga instead. It was refreshing and relaxing and made me feel 100x better than a run could have today. I imagine my legs would have felt like dead weights after my Tour de France!

My host-mom provided a yummy plate of leftovers for lunch so that I would not have to fend for myself. :) Solid. I had leftover spinach tortellini, quinoa, and steamed spinach. Normal sized portions to boot. Is this some new phase of moderation that I have encountered 1/2 way through the program?? Gah, I hope so!

I finished lunch with this gorgeous rainbow of in season, local produce. In the bowl went strawberries, honeydew melon, and peaches. So light and refreshing.

My afternoon session went by slowly as the excitement of finishing my work for the course had long worn off. It was a beautiful day outside and I was itching to go exploring. As soon as 3:30 hit, I left class tout seule (alone), for the first time I think, and went off in search of a bookstore. Along the way I snack on a PB&J Lara Bar smuggled over from the states. I did not end up buying anything, but I did walk around for an hour and a half window shopping and taking in the sights. It was a lovely afternoon.

I was famished upon my return (surprise surprise) and since I knew my host mom would be arriving late tonight, I ate a substantial snack to hold me over.Two petite slices of bread and an apple all served up with a portion of nutella of course. I think I will be relieved when that jar is empty. I just can't have it around.

Want to see how much I have rubbed off on my host mom in the past 3 weeks? Just take a look at this meal. Eggs with homemade salsa inside, broccilli (!!), more steamed spinach (!!!), quinoa (!!!!), and une salade vert (!!!!!). Yes, that is 3 different types of greens on one plate. I dominated pretty much all of the pictured food and went back for seconds on every type of green. The woman does not like leftovers, what else was I to do? Moderation, schmoderation...I love veggies.

For dessert, I ate an entire unpictured pineapple. It was a baby, but I still ate the whole thing. I am currently typing this with one hand, while holding my food baby with the other. Ughhh...soooo good.

Finally, on a non-food note. I caved and forked over the $2.99 to download the series finale of Lost. So if you need me, you know what I will be doing for the next 83 minutes.

Bonne Nuit!

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