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Friday, July 2, 2010

Le Dernier Nuit et Jour

Well, the time has come. My last blog post from Strasbourg. I am very sad to be leaving but the fact that I am typing this at 10:00 at night with beads of sweat rolling down my back makes the departure just a tad easier to handle.

Last night, the university hosted a "farewell dinner" at a fancy restaurant called L'Alsace à Table. The food, which I will get to in a minute, was lovely. But how a person is supposed to enjoy a leisurely two and a half hour meal in the corner of a restaurant with NO AIR CONDITIONING is beyond me. I legitimately had to step outside for fresh air between each course. Ok, rant over, sorry. (Chilled tomato basil soup with sweet peppers. It tasted a lot better dipped in fresh french bread.)
(The token vegetarian option. A cruel joke of steaming hot vegetables. Included were onions, green and red pepper, peas, cauliflower, green beans, eggplant, and tomato.)
For the record, I could not even finish this dish because I was sweating so bad. You know it's a serious problem when I am turning down food.
That is a fake smile. All I am thinking is 'get me the eff outta this broiler!'
(Apple tart and vanilla bean ice-cream).

Following dinner, I did what any rational 21 year old girl would do on her final night out in Strasbourg...I drank Alsatian wine while dangling my feet in the River Ile.
And then familiarized myself with "the boat bars," made some new friends from Yugoslavia, and danced the night away.

I awoke this morning to a familiar feeling. It was like being reunited with an old acquaintance that you did not actually miss. Yes, I had a hangover. Not my finest moment.
Solid foods were out of the question, so I commenced hydration instead. Anyone catch the hidden symbolism in my cups of choice today??

The final class was a welcomed relief, as the room had no AC and I was dying. Four hours of sleep + an unnatural body temperature makes for a very cranky Jenn.

I refused to let the heat get the best of me today. I soldiered on and sweat my way through a serious shopping binge.
Do you see what I am holding?!?!?! I am the proud new owner of my very 1st Louis Vuitton bag! I can't believe I actually bought it! I have had my eye on the bag for a while now but have held off from actually buying it because I was saving to come here. Once my debit account was hacked, I pretty much stopped spending money so my account was in better shape at the end of the trip than I had anticipated. Instead of just walking away with my profit, I decided to reward myself.
Say hello to my little friend. I am going to be the classiest un-employed college graduate you have ever seen in 6 months. I am really glad I bought it here though because now it has sentimental value. You see, every time I look at it I will be reminded of my time in Strasbourg and that is a beautiful thing.

The host mom loves the bag, BTW. Speaking of, she created quite a feast for our denier repa ensemble.
(Seafood kabobs: soft-shell crab, scallops, shrimp, and salmon, carrot slaw, and a green summer salad with tomato and avocado).
(Raspberry mousse).

Now all that is left is to make it through this sticky, humid night. I am off to the airport at 6:15AM with an estimated arrival time in Little Rock at 8:15PM. That would be 3AM Strasbourg time which means I will be traveling for just shy of 24 hours. Whew. I've got my game face on.

Warning: sappy Strasbourg conclusion ahead.

This trip has been everything I had ever imagined and so much more. Studying abroad has honestly been one of the best decisions I have ever fought for. I loved the opportunity to meet and interact with people I would have never met otherwise. Of course the host mom is really the foundation for all of this. Without her patience and willingness to take me in a treat me as if I was one of her own, I honestly do not think this experience would have been nearly as wonderful.
The adjustments were difficult, and the challenges really made me appreciate how easy life is in America. But they were all worth it. Shit happens, but rising to the occasion builds character.
I leave here a stronger person than I was just 6 short weeks ago. The confidence that comes with leaping into the unknown and finding happiness within will forever change my outlook on life.

Tomorrow, I move on. But this place, and the wonderful people here will stay with me always. Things in life happen for a reason, and every moment in Strasbourg proves that.

Next time you here from me I will either be trapped in the airport (I tend to be followed by bad airport Karma) or blogging from the comfort of my air-conditioned room. Pray for the latter!

Thank you all for following my journey over the past six-weeks. Stay tuned for the next chapter as things are about to get interesting...

Au Revoir tout le monde! Je t'aime!

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  1. wow those 6 weeks flew by! I remember when you were packing to go there...

    I don't think I would have been able to stay at that restaurant...when I get too hot, I get VERY irratable and have to leave

    have a safe trip back home!

    ohhh and congrats on your new bag!


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