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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sightseeing and Settling In

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I have not posted in several days, but there is always an adjustment period when moving to a new city, and well, I had to get acclimated. So here I am, a few days later, and oh so happy to be living in this beautiful city!
I know exactly where to start too. With my Green Monster! It is back, and it is better than ever. Having taken a break while traveling, I craved the crushed kale mixed with the sweet fruit.
Look at that beauty, that fresh green color! That first sip was glorious!
Post food-gasm, I went exploring with my roomie.
We saw lots of beautiful buildings, found both of our internships via the metro, and even spotted a group of hott jogging men! Priorities, obviously! We grabbed some 'bucks on the way home, and I finally tried something new So cinnamony and yummy.
In order to prepare for our first night on the town, we ate a filling dinner from Chipoltle (sp?) along side a grocery store purchase (we write names of food items, don't hate).
The night out was too fun. We met some really great people, got to know our student group, and had some definite adventures. As for the next day, well I was in need of fresh fruits and veggies stat. I think that I ate only fresh food all day long. Too many meals out and wasted carbohydrates were consumed while traveling and the night before... no further explanation needed.
Today, I woke up super early, got in a workout at THE GYM IN MY APARTMENT (AMAZING!!!!) and did some more of the tourist stuff. Pretty uneventful except for the cool kids doing a workout class on a plateau in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue. They are some brave souls as far as I am concerned, I don't know that I could just lay down in the middle of a major city to do some abs and weights. But hey, good motivation right?
So now I am on the flipside of my first night of class. Pretty standard in all, syllabus reviews exc., but I believe it is going to be one hell of a semester! It is hard to be in school mode here, without a legit campus and all, but I am sure I will figure out a routine pretty soon. Until then...well just wait and see!



  1. I am glad you are settled in! I love chipotle! Are you in school? And what is your internship about?

  2. Your green monster looks delicious. And I must agree that I love Chipotle as well. Do they have amazing customer service everywhere? Because the staff at the Boulder one is super nice.
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