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Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Home!

Hello my dearest bloggie friends,
For the first time in over two weeks I am writing to you from a place that I can call home. It is a sprawling apartment in the northeast corridor of D.C. It is two bedrooms, two baths with a huge kitchen and a balcony. I am sharing it with 3 other girls from my school, only one of which I have met before.
My mom and I got an early start today with a target run (and I made it out for under $100 thank you very much) and some beautiful rush hour traffic. I wanted my mom to experience it, because I think it is really something coming from Arkansas where that just does not happen!
I grabbed a peanut butter cookie Larabar for brekkie while at Target and then honestly forgot to eat until like 3pm (I hate when people say that, because I am always hungry, but today the nerves and excitement just got the better of me!) I had 2 clementines and a small handful of almonds to tide me over until dinner with my cousin.
My room is all set up now, and I could not be happier. My roommate is lovely, our room is a decent size, I am no longer living out of a suitcase, and I finally have a bed all my own to sleep in tonight! I forgot how good it feels to just be settled somewhere. Maybe I just road-tripped for just a little too long. But what a fun adventure! Little Rock to Orlando (holla! finished a 5k!) Orlando to Pittsburgh to celebrate my sissy's b-day and clearly I got her oven mitts because I love all things food related...and from Pittsburgh to D.C. where I intend to stay for the next several months (minus some very excited travel that I will share it actually happens)! This is clearly an old pic, as I am swvetty and in a denim skirt, not hott. My sweet sweet mom is still on the road and is headed for the big apple next! (I am just a LITTLE jealous, I could stay a gypsy roadie if it meant seeing some broadway shows).
Anyways, lets just talk about that dinner I mentioned earlier for a moment shall we? Ok fab. Actually, I want to let the pics do the talking, but they are Iphone quality and do not justify the deliciousness that I was privvy to this evening. My cousin and I went to a Spanish Tapas restaurant called Jaleo. (backwards picture taking is ALL THE RAGE. SERIOUSLY, DO IT NOW!) Have y'all ever tried a tapas restaurant? I really enjoy them because you can taste a variety of menu items without getting too full. (and you can share, I guess?) We ordered just under half the menu (kidding...maybe?) and I can honestly say it all tasted amazing. Not a bad tapa in sight :)! I also tried both white wine and red wine sangria for the first time, and I am a convert for sure!
holy yum! I am posting a picture of each item we ordered, but I am entirely to lazy to describe each item, so if you want to know what was in one, please just leave a comment below. :) (such a lazy college kid right now, embrace it with me).

As you can see, there was no shortage of fresh veggies on the table. I swear I am addicted to green!

...and since I have not gone full vegetarian, I enjoyed a few shrimp and a scallop that I swooned over for a solid five minutes.

Follow that baby feast with a cake baked with cinnamon and ice cream for dessert, and I am a happy lady.

Side notes worth mentioning:
1. I totally networked my little butt off tonight and snagged a contact with a very nice gentleman who sat at the table beside us. Not bad for my first night out!
2. I got so excited about my skillz (read: my dumb luck) that I was walking back to the car in my new heels, because I want to wear them in, and I totally ate pavement. I mean like the iPhone flung across the floor, and I was on all fours. TOTAL WIPEOUT. Whatttt a dumb. According to my cousin I was graceful, but lets be real. I looked retaaaaarrrded! Good thing I have a sense of humor, or no shame, and can laugh it off and hopefully provide some entertainment for y'all. I just thank the big man upstairs that the man who gave me his card did not see me!
Well I am off to bed, I have a big day of exploring ahead of me tomorrow. I want to pick up some specialty grocery items at TRADER JOE'S :) having already purchased the basics, and find out how the eff to use the metro...
Peace out girlscouts!

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  1. Fun!! What are you in school for? I totally eat pavement too, but wear mostly flats, so you are brave for going it in heels. :) I LOVE the apartment pics, and the food pics, can't wait to hear more about your school and stuff!


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