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Friday, January 8, 2010

Disney 5K Day!

Hello Everybody!!
I arose bright and early (err...dark and early) at 5AM to prepare for the Disney World Up and Away 5k race through Epcot. We had to be in the parking lot NO LATER than 6:15AM, so it was a very early morning. I am not one to exercise on an empty stomach, so I made sure to wake up especially early for a bowl of power oats (aka org instant oatmeal with flax, chia, a small spoonfull of PB, and 1/2 graham) and a BIG cup of coffee. Here is the whole group in the parking lot before it began. My Aunt Pam and her two daughters hit up the Nike Outlet the day before and got matching outfits to run in. Too cute.
It was chilly this morning to be sure, but not nearly as unpleasant as the weatherman is expecting the 1/2 and full marathon forecast to be. I feel bad for the runners :(, such a downer.
Even though I have no action shots of the actual run, I did snap a shot of my motivator that I wrote on the board at the Expo yesterday. With that in mind I ran a 31:30 5k!!!! Even better is that I was able to run the whole thing with only 1 walking stop. That is a significant improvement from my last 5k at school where I walked a good portion. (That's a little over a 10:00 min mile btw) :) I am very proud of myself.
On top of that success, my mom completed her race in 42:00 mins!!! Such a proud daughter today!!! (the time in the background is not accurate because there were so many people, they did not start the race at 0:00, so they timed themselves)
(That is Aunt Pam btw, and she is the shit, and one of the most serious power walkers I know.)
Here is my mom and I after the race with our commemorative medals. :) Cheesy and perfect, just like Disney.
We ate a FOUL breakfast at IHOP of all freaking places after, and I made sure to take pics, just to remind myself next time I think it is okay to agree to a place like that.
This is their BAD attempt at an egg white veggie omelet and whole-grain blueberry pancakes. All I can say is that I am sorry that shit ever went into my body. GROSS.

This afternoon, all I wanted to do was go back to the Expo because they have so many fun fitness booths with so many fun things to look at! It's like all the coolest fitness gear in one room. I DIE. (yes, I watch the Rachel Zoe Project sometimes, don't you judge me). I only got to shop a little on the day we picked up our packets because there were so many people it was like being in a sardine can. I never actually made it back. I actually drove over there today and it was EVEN MORE CROWDED, so I just took it as a sign that I was not supposed to drop even more money.
But, the day before we did get our race packets, bibs, FREE T-SHIRTS, and a cute baggie to boot! I looovee free shit!

Our headbands were such a hit! Everyone asked where they could find some :)

I honestly cannot believe this Disney trip has come to an end so quickly. I look forward to this trip the entire year, and even put a widget reminder on my dashboard to count down the days! It is a bittersweet farewell to my bffile Cat, as my mom and I are off to Pittsburgh tomorrow bright and early to visit my sister for a couple of days, and then I am moving to D.C. for the semester! AH!!!
I am too fortunate and oh so grateful! I mean, Trader Joe's within walking distance for a whole semester, what could be better?!?!
Question for y'all, what is your favorite grocery store and why? I love grocery stores and if I could, I would move in to a Whole Foods. Such a happy, healthy place!

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  1. what a fabulous recap, my dear! GREAT JOB on the race :)


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