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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Disney Day 2!

Hey Everyone!
So its the end of our second day of vaca and we have yet to see so much as Mickey's ear. That's right, we have not actually gone to Disney World yet because there is just so much to do in Orlando! I woke up really early (8:30 :)) because I was tossing and turning all night. Sleep was just not happening for me. I jumped into my new workout gear (shout out to Champion and Under Armour!) and jogged myself right to the dreadmill because it was a wee bit chilly for my precious lungs. I ended up running 3.2 miles and walking at a steep incline the other .80. Not to bad...I wanted to practice a 5k since I will be participating in the Disney Family Fun Run next week. I am super excited for it, the race will be my 2nd 5k EVER! I really want to train for some longer races once I get settled in DC.
I made some oats once I got back to our villa (I brought the fixin's from Little Rock) and hopped in the shower. Everyone else was running a little slow this morning, so I took the car to another set of outlet stores to explore the Luluemon store. I heard of this brand from some people I follow on twitter and was super excited to check it out. Overall, I loveeeeedddd there clothes and would have been more than happy to buy everything in the store, but even at outlet prices it was out of my college kid budget. So I left empty handed, and swung back to the villa to pick up my mom and Cat for a late lunch at Chipotle!
I found it via Urbanspoon (thank you iphone!) because it said that they provided cheap vegetarian options. Sold.
I ordered a vegetarian burrito with a light serving of rice, black beans, grilled onions and green peppers, corn, fresh tomato salsa, lettuce, and a heaping portion of guacamole. It was baller. And filling.
We then proceeded to the Florida Mall, aka the most crowded place in the WHOLE world! But we had a mission...to find Cat the ring of her dreams. She knew what she wanted and we were on a hunt! I actually broke a sweat, but it happened! And look at how happy she is!!!

And there she is swiping that credit card like its no big thing! Love my kitten Cat and her shopping habits!
We scooted from the mall, picked up some grocery's at Publix where I found the most foul snack I have seen in a long time.

Who feed's themselves or their children this junk? I much prefer a wholesome Lara bar, which I ate half of while shopping.
It kept me full until dinner, which was leftovers following our splurge at the Cheesecake Factory. I ate the rest of my salmon, with a plate of organic, stone ground, whole wheat pita, and two chopped carrots with HUMMUS (NOM!)

Post-din we did a mini-yoga sesh to help stretch out our muscles from a long day of walking.

I got my headstand! (I am aware I look like a dolphin because my legs are not straight, but I was up, and that is what matters!)...
And then I flipped over...good thing the couch was there because I don't know if my bod can bend like that yet!

We're laying low tonight, introducing my mother to the greatness that is The Hangover, and are getting up early to go to Busch Gardens! I can't wait!

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  1. Good times indeed! And if I could do that yoga pose....well, I just don't know.


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