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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Au Revior Pittsburgh

Hi Everyone!
Well there is no lack of good food in this town. I learned that VERY quickly. I tried to have some self control, and I felt good about roughly 1/2 my eats while here, but the other half were just decadent and out of control. But let's back up a little bit.
I woke up rather early to my sister screaming at my mom for messing up her new cable. I embraced it, made some tea and ate some fruit while they yelled. 2 clementines and a banana with cinnamon and a smoosh of peanut butter.
Three hours later, and two hours of the Jersey Shore complete, I ventured back to the Bagel Factory for a honey oat bagel with hummus and lots of veggies. It was NOM. And filling. I also drank an unpictured tea that kept me nice and warm and toasty.
I came back to the apartment, did a yogadownload.com session (small tangent: I know I am way late to this bangwagon, but OMGEE I really like this website! I can do a different class every day for just over $1! AMAZING!) Then I munched on an unpictured peanut butter cookie Larabar (I am addicted) and 2 more clementines.
My mom and I ran BACK to Target for more things for the apmt (we are still trying to help my sister get set up). Lord knows I cannot go to Target and NOT come out with something for myself! That place is dangerous for a poor college kid like me :). I ended up finding mini Clif Bars in some of my favorite flavors (blueberry is my ALL TIME fav though) so I promptly ripped into the box upon arriving at the car and ate this little guy.
My chocolate addicted mother bought some of these early in the day, so I may have eaten 6 or 7. :( not my finest moment. I am a sucker for sprinkles.
We went to the Southside of Pittsburgh tonight to celebrate my sister's b-day and ended up at the Cheesecake Factory. Uh Oh! Dinner was whatever, as I was not very hungry because I munched ALL day, but I did get some white bean hummus that I consumed rapidly and then just ate a side salad.
But, it was a celebration, so we all split this monster chocolate cake slice for dessert. (sucks they spelled her name wrong, RACHAEL!!!!)
Sorry for the crappy picture, but iPhone's have no flash and it was dark in there.
Anyways, back to the cake: OMG. Heavenly. Rich. Decadent. All the above. Food Coma is in full force right now.
My mom and I are off to D.C. right after breakfast tomorrow morning, so I am off to bed early! I AM MOVING TO DC!!!!! YES!!!! it is finally happening!
I will miss my sis though, we actually got along the ENTIRE time I was here. We have not NOT fought for this amount of time in lord knows how long. Just look how loving we all look: I think we may all actually like each other after this visit! :)
Goodnight Everyone

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