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Sunday, January 3, 2010

And We're Off!!

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful new years! Mine was very restful, I stayed in and watched Dorm Life on Hulu and celebrated eastern time with my parents. We're just cute like that, 11:00 is just late enough for them :). My mom and I left bright and early at 6:30AM on January 1st for Disney World! We made it in 1 day! UNBELIEVABLE! I only took one picture the whole way down... This is my precious mom, she turns old lady when forced to drive in the dark. I thought she looked like a grandma driving, so I snapped a shot.
We arrived really late last night, and crashed at a quality in for $65 bucks because we are classy like that ;). For the record, I made a HUGE dent in the food bag I packed, and I was not feeling so hot by the time we got here. I passed out immediately. We woke up around 9, scooped my friend Cat from the airport who flew in to meet us, and headed off for lunch at a chain called Bahama Breeze. I wanted to eat lighter today, so I split this yummy appetizer which had lump crab meat, fresh (?) shrimp, with a mango avocado salsa. I Love Avocado so I was sold.
Here we are at the restaurant lookin' a little rough from all the travel. I also had a mediocre house salad. Post lunch, we went to some outlets (which are my JAM) and shopped, shopped, shopped until we dropped. I decided before coming down here that my Christmas present to myself would be some new workout gear, and today I delivered.I purchased two new sports bras, a yoga top, and a pair of running capris! I am waking up early tomorrow to test out some of my new gear by going on a run!
Once we became actual people again, (read:showered) we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I shared some white bean hummus with Cat (you should get to know that face, because I love her) and we thought it was divine! Can't you tell?
I followed this up with a classic healthy meal, grilled salmon and 2 portions of broccoli instead of potatoes. I NEED MY GREENS, YA KNOW! I only ate half of the salmon, because there is no way that is a healthy portion size, look at it!
Cut to me being a huggggge hypocrite because I ordered the most amazing dessert. It was a peppermint chip cheesecake and it was like eating heaven. I just could not deny my taste buds that satisfaction. NOMMMMM. To be fair I shared (some) of it, and also tasted a red velvet cheesecake that was pretty good too. Not organic, not healthy, by yummy.
We still have not decided what the game plan is for tomorrow, but I do know that some form of exercise is first on my list. (and prolly some oats for bfast too!)
Night Night from the happiest place on Earth!

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  1. Wait!! You left without me! Can't wait to spend the day with you JennyJenn.


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